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Iza Destroys Chicken Boy - Rematch

Well this is a turn up for the books! Chicken Boy Dave is standing proud in Monica’s Wrestling Centre’s Ring Of Pain waiting for a challenger to come and take him on!

Normally, it is he foolishly interrupting vastly superior women but here he is muttering to himself how he hopes a small girl will answer the call whilst showing us his ‘athleticism’ with his warm up routine.

But the smile is soon knocked off his face though when instead of a smaller rival, the big and strong beauty that is Iza climbs through the ropes to take him on again.

No doubt memories of their first encounter are fresh in his mind as he makes it clear he isn’t happy to see her and his predicament gets worse as Iza prevents him from making a start exit!

She immediately goes on the attack and starts having her fun - Chicken Boy’s cries of anguish immediately emanating from his mouth as he feels the strain.

Iza is soon working her way through increasingly painful holds and it is clear why Chicken Boy was so reluctant to face her at the start of this ‘match’!

She traps him in head scissors, arm bars, head locks, figure four locks, a variety of pins, leg locks, expert takedowns, body scissors and combination holds.

Chicken Boy gets thrown around the place and any time he dares to fight back, he finds himself being thrown around some more!

At times, you get the impression Iza is not even going above second gear, such is the ease in which she seems to dominate his increasingly beleaguered body!

For once, Chicken Boy was talking sense at the start when he said he didn’t want to face her and we doubt he felt any different as he lay beneath a victorious Iza at the end!

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