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Ina Black Destroys Bert - rematch

We’re often left scratching our heads when we see hapless men return to Monica’s Wrestling Centre for rematches against the talented fighters we have on the roster.

But imagine choosing to come back for a rematch against none other than the legendary Ina Black, who often chews up and spits out some of the best female wrestlers in the scene - let alone weak males?!

Something clearly told Bert that climbing into the Ring of Pain where Ina Black was busy doing her warm up routine was a good idea and the Bulgarian didn’t need a second invitation to do what she does best.

Bert is confident though as he leaps over the top rope and starts running from one end of the ring to the other to show off his athleticism and fitness…that is until a clothes line from an unimpressed Ina brings him crashing down to the canvas!

“Ina, let’s start again!” he whimpers but his cries fall on deaf ears as she forces him into the corner and starts the inevitable punishment he is going to endure throughout this!

Ina is relentless and when you throw in her wonderful ability and super power then it’s really not hard to imagine the pain and anguish Bert is feeling as she takes him apart.

And she does this in fabulous style. She uses body scissors, face sits, arm bars, head scissors, a variety of pins, head locks, feet to the neck and torso and combination holds which result in tap out after tap out!

As he squeals out in pain for seemingly the entire match, it’s easy to forget that Bert was the one who actually wanted this!

Ina, as we would always expect, takes no prisoners and she finishes him off in style both physically and verbally. We suspect Bert won’t rush to another rematch with Ina any time soon!

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