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Mel Fire Humiliates Andrew - rematch

Andrew seems to go by the old saying, ‘If at first you don’t succeed…blame it on bad luck!’ as he returns to Monica’s Wrestling Centre looking for a rematch with the glorious Mel Fire.

He climbs into the Ring of Pain to confront her and tells her she only beat him the first time because she was fortunate (yeah, fortunate that he was no match for her, we think!) and seems determined to prove that was a one off.

Marvellous Mel Fire lets him dig a deeper grave for himself by encouraging him to say more - which he duly obliges - before launching her own attack and getting to work on him!

She laughs as he tells her it is over for her and barely moves as he tries to take her down. Instead, he finds himself soon trapped under her when they do make it to the canvas and we imagine a familiar sinking feeling overcame him from that moment onwards!

Mel Fire might mock him and appear playful but there is nothing funny abut being on the end of her brutal moves, as Andrew’s constant cries of pain clearly showed throughout this encounter!

She happily went through her bag of tricks and got him good in holds such as grapevine pins, head scissors, body scissors, arm bars, head locks, figure four locks, face sits and combination holds.

At times it seemed she was barely putting any effort in, such was her dominance, but we knew the reality from Andrew’s desperate yelping! 

She teased him, she laughed at him, she trash talked him but most importantly, she well and truly destroyed him in the match!

By the end, Andrew was left humiliated as Mel Fire celebrated one of the easiest wins of her career over his prone body. She probably won’t see him for a while now!

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