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MWC Party - March 2024

We've said it countless times in the past but there really is no party like a Monica’s Wrestling Centre mixed wrestling party and the first one of 2024 proved that.

It’s nigh on impossible to resist a bunch of talented fighting beauties doing their thing as music is pumped throughout the awesome venue and food and drinks are flowing producing a celebratory wrestling night for all to enjoy!

Speaking of talented beauties, those lucky enough to be in attendance were certainly not let down on that score as The Referee introduced the stunners one by one and welcomed them into the Ring Of Pain.

First out was Petra, who had delighted on her live show debut a few days earlier and was ready to do the same at her first mixed wrestling party.

She was followed by the delights in the shape of Miss Ivy, Axel, Sheela, Rosie, Autumn Rose and, then a little later, Nairobi giving people a healthy selection to have their fabulous fighting fun with.

And given Easter was just days away, there was a special guest appearance from none other than the Easter Bunny himself, who led the girls into a warm-up routine before the main course was served to the eager punters!

Once he - who looked suspiciously familiar to some of us! - had got them suitably prepared, the women were sent out to do their thing and find a man to get down on to the mats and sit on signalling that the party was well and truly started.

Before we knew it, there were mixed wrestling battles going on in any bit of space the combatants could find - be it on the mats or in the Ring of Pain. They’d probably battle it out on the car park if there was no other space!

And while everyone was in a fun party mood, there is no doubting the wrestling was full on and serious! There were some tough battles and brilliant contests going on in between all the laughs, let us assure you!

Of course, it just wouldn’t be a Monica’s Wrestling Centre mixed wrestling party without a few tailored games and a couple of firm favourites were wheeled out at this one.

The scissor circle saw a group of lucky (or should that be unlucky judging by the pained expressions on their faces?!) guys finding themselves squeezed to within an inch as the women demonstrated their scissoring talents in the Ring Of Pain with the aim of making their victim tap first! It’s a game which never gets old and only serves to showcase how strong these ladies really are!

And then we had the incredibly fun variation of the musical chairs game which saw four of the ladies presented with several guys with the aim of parking their glorious butts on the faces of the said volunteers! Funnily enough, there is never a shortage of volunteers for that one!

All throughout, those mixed matches continued - many of which were hard fought with everyone giving their all! 

When the news is all doom and gloom, we need as much cheer as we can get in life and there is no doubting that Monica’s mixed wrestling party’s offer a truly fabulous break from the norm every time she hosts one!

If you were unable to get down for a slice of the wrestling party cake then we have captured most of the action for you on these awesome clips. If these don’t whet your appetite for the summer party in a few months’ time then absolutely nothing will!

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