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My female vs female competitive wrestling events and Mixed Wrestling parties are the highlights of the UK Wrestling scene.  I currently hold four Live events and four Mixed Wrestling Parties each year.

If you are interested in attending one of these events click here to book your place, if you are not able to attend I offer either clips downloads here and here, alternatively you can also purchase on DVD here.

2023 Event Dates

30th September 2023

2nd December 2023

Next Mixed Wrestling Party


Are you ready for the Next mixed wrestling evening party? :) 

4th October 2023 - Starting at 6:30pm.

Mini Matches! Fun and games in the ring! 
Scissor circles and lots more!

Entry fee £50 for the evening, light buffet included.

More wrestlers will be added soon! Watch this space!

Don't wait any longer! Come and join in the fun and have a roll around with all of  the MWC eye candies!

See the line-up here

So, come on guys, get booking! 


Fee for the Mini Matches are as follows:

5 mins £20

10 Mins £30

15 Mins £40

20 Mins £50

2023 Party Dates


4th October 2023

6th December 2023

Live Female Wrestlng Event
Saturday 30th September

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