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Luna K vs Ina Black

Luscious Luna K is never short of confidence whenever she climbs through the ropes of the Monica’s Wrestling Centre Ring of Pain for a Shiny Pro Ring Girls fight.

But even this bold and brave warrior seemed to have a degree of hesitancy in locking up with the one and only legendary Ina Black - her chosen opponent of the day!

Her nerves were not settled any further when the imposing Ina stood there laughing an evil laugh, a wide grin on her face, as if she was a hungry predator who had managed to finally snare her tasty prey.

And her fears were well founded in the early stages as Ina got to work and started inflicting some seriously painful looking holds on her much smaller rival with ease.

Luna was left moaning and groaning in pain as Ina worked her over and we were worried this one might end super early as the dominant Ina went through the gears.

But Luna is a plucky, tricky customer and she is no stranger to fighting bigger opponents so she was never going to just accept being cannon fodder - no matter who she found herself up against!

A super impressive take down and subsequent ankle lock before a quick head lock to follow up told Ina she was in a match and not going to be handed the match easily on a plate!

Of course, this made Ina angrier but no matter how brutal and vicious she got with Luna, the Welsh wonder took her punishment before dishing it back herself - often with great effect.

It had become a great contest and instead of the one-sided squash match we seemed set to get at the start, we were potentially witnessing a David v Goliath moment! Download this cracking contest to see which outcome emerged at the end of this one!

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