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LARA THE WARRIOR: 10th-12th May 2024

I am strong amazon with muscles, but still very feminine.
I am skilled and I know many different holds, chokes and locks from many different martial arts.
If you are interested in session with me, send me email and we can set up our match 
It is on you if I will wrestle and dominate you and make you beg for mercy in competitive option or if you prefer semi-competitive or fantasy wrestling with scenarios, playing roles… I am able to adapt to your wishes.
My fans always have a lot of fun with me because they can see that I really love it, I do my best and give 100% 


More photos and videos from my training, matches, life… : (“Lara the Warrior”), email:

Other info:

To fix a session, simply email here.

Lara is also available for custom videos.

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