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Monica’s Wrestling Centre July 2023 Live Show Report

What better way to celebrate the summer than having a bunch of sizzling, super skilled session wrestlers battling it out in a series of pulsating matches at a live show?

Monica’s Wrestling Centre’s July live show delivered the goods yet again with eight exceptional matches in the venue’s fantastic Ring Of Pain, which had us all on the edge of our seats from start to finish.

There were plenty of old favourites as well as girls making their MWC live show debuts and none of them disappointed as they showcased their talent and ability in front of an excited and appreciative crowd.

The regulars need no introduction but always deserve to be heralded and this time they came in the sexy shapes of Orsi B, Beth Bennett, Princess Nikki and Ivy Rain while the girls new to this show were the beauties Sophia, Autumn Rose and Nairobi.

You know the drill by now, they do battle in submission only contests which last for three six minute rounds before a winner is declared at the end. And all the crackers here added the colour and the thrills to that premises in these eight matches.

As with any combat sport, the wrestlers taking part run the risk of injury and we sadly suffered one here which saw a sadly premature end to one of the matches which was shaping up to be incredible.

But the injured girl didn’t leave without making her mark, just as all the other beauties did in a truly memorable event.

Those lucky enough to be in attendance certainly had a ball and got to see all the action up close and personal on the day.

If you are one of those not lucky enough to be in London for this incredible show, then you are saved by these fabulous clips which documented all the action for you to enjoy! You won’t want to miss out!

Match 1 Orsi B vs Beth Bennett

As you know, it is imperative for every Monica’s Wrestling Centre live show to start with a bang and we sure weren’t disappointed with this explosive cracker to kick off the July 23 event!

Beauties Orsi B and Beth Bennett are no strangers to the Ring of Pain and are certainly firm favourites with the fans so they were always likely to deliver a summer sizzler!

There are obvious contrasts between the two, Beth being the curvy, powerful blonde and Orsi B being the skilled, flexible brunette. But what they most certainly have in common is a desire to fight!

They wasted no time in getting down to business and were soon rolling around on the canvas trying to exert their authority over one another.

The first submission was earned after a titanic tussle with a breast smother reluctantly producing a tap out!

One thing became abundantly clear - neither Orsi B or Beth Bennett were going to give submissions easily, no matter what they were forced to endure at the hands of one another! These are two tough chicks for sure!

The first round breezed by as the two warriors battled it out, producing gasps of delight and applause from the crowd at many moments.

They got each other in head locks, body scissors, arm bars, bear hugs, breast smothers, camel clutches, grapevine pins, schoolgirl pins and combination holds which looked painful to all of us watching.

It was fast paced and non-stop action all the way during a flowing match which was being wrestled in a tremendous spirit, albeit with both Orsi B and Beth Bennett desperate to win!

Eventually there was a clear winner but, as The Referee himself said, the scoreline didn’t reflect the intensity of the battle! A cracking fight to start a cracking event!

Match 2 Sophia vs Jaki

In combat sports, the competitors always run the risk of falling victim to an unfortunate injury, a good reason why those who enter the squared circle deserve our love and respect!

But sadly that is what happened in this second match from Monica’s Wrestling Centre’s summer event between debutant Sophia and the ‘Bulgarian Beast’ - as she was introduced by The Referee! - Jaki.

And it is a real shame because the stoppage very early on in the second round robbed us of what was shaping up to be an absolute humdinger of a classic!

Sophia might be new to these shows but she is certainly no stranger to wrestling and she showed no nerves or apprehension facing off against the awesome talent that is Jaki.

They both possess immense strength, fabulous skills, steely determination and a gritty will to win so when they collided, it produced the sort of fireworks we always want to see between two amazing talents such as this pair!

From the opening bell, it was clear this was a match made in heaven as they Sophia and Jaki got to grips with one another and soon found themselves battling all over the canvas.

There were three submissions shared between the two but only a reckless gambler would have dared to predict what the eventual outcome would have been had this gone the full distance.

The takedowns, the body scissors, the headlocks, the pins, the arm bars, the combination holds and their ability to soak up pressure and punishment was a joy to behold.

But alas we only got to enjoy it for one full round. Both ladies were enjoying themselves and desperate to fight when sadly one suffered a knee injury which put an end to this one.

The one round is a treat though and we hope there is a rematch so Sophia and Jaki can finish what they started!

Match 3 Ivy Rain vs Princess Nikki

The third match of Monica’s Wrestling Centre’s spectacular July live event featured two hugely popular and much-loved members of the roster!

The gorgeous Ivy Rain and the beautiful Princess Nikki need no introduction and were greeted with excited cheers as they made their way to the Ring of Pain.

There are obvious contrasts between the two in terms of size and, of course, they provided us with the age old Blonde v Brunette battle which is always fun!

But what they do have in common is they are both constantly improving as fighters and are never shy about showing off their skills whenever the opportunity presents itself.

They were all smiles and sharing jokes at first but when the bell went, it was like a switch had been flicked and it was all business as they launched into each other and started fighting hard looking for those all important submissions.

And boy was it intense. Each would get the other in a strong hold and do all they could to get a tap out, only to be denied by some serious stubbornness and ability to soak up pressure!

Ivy and Nikki battled all over the canvas with each lady getting on the front foot at different times and it left us all on the edge of our seats watching to see who would come out on top of this incredible battle.

They deployed headlocks, body scissors, arm bars, grapevine pins, an array of pins, head scissors and combination holds as the minutes ticked on by with the result in the balance.

Both ladies were giving it all they have and this was always going to be decided by the tightest of margins.

And there was a narrow winner but both Ivy and Nikki were given huge cheers and love from the crowd who appreciated the classic they’d just witnessed!

Match 4 Beth Bennett vs Jaki

The last fight of the first half of Monica’s Wrestling Centre’s summer spectacular promised a very intriguing match between two very different wrestlers.

Jaki is the dark-haired muscley powerhouse amazon with immense combat skills, a fact not lost on her curvy blonde opponent Beth Bennett.

As The Referee introduced them and announced they ‘knew what they had to do’, Beth laughed and replied ‘survive’!

But she is selling herself very short there as she is not just a beautiful face - she has strength and wrestling ability of her own and, as Jaki was soon to find out, she doesn’t enter the Ring of Pain with the intention of being cannon fodder for anybody!

And sure enough, it was clear this was going to be a tough battle with neither wanting to roll over and submit easily and both keen to get their power into play.

Both Beth and Jaki had moments in the ascendency and you could see (and hear!) the sheer effort and hard work they were putting into trying to get the other to submit. These aren’t the kind of girls to give gift-wrapped tap outs!

We saw body scissors, head scissors, leg locks, arm bars, head locks, grapevine pins, arm locks, ankle locks and combination holds throughout as the battle wore on.

They were impressively resisted on many occasions, earning the admiration of all of us who were watching this encounter unfold live. Despite the intensity, the match was also fought in a great spirit with a lot of respect between the two fighters.

By the close of play, one of these warriors did emerge the clear winner but you could see it had been a titanic tussle just by looking at how exhausted both Beth and Jaki were at the end of this one!

Match 5 Princess Nikki vs Nairobi

We wanted to start the second half of Monica’s Wrestling Centre’s July summer show with a bang and that’s certainly what we got with these two!

It’s always exciting to see a new warrior enter the Ring of Pain and exquisite Nairobi certainly looked the part as she strutted her way into the arena to face the ever-popular beauty that is Princess Nikki.

Nikki, of course, had already had a match earlier in the day but she looked as fresh as her rival Nairobi and it looked as if both of these gorgeous grapplers just wanted to get it on!

And get it on they did, immediately locking up and going all out which told us straight away that this was going to be one hell of a war.

Both Nikki and Nairobi were keen to showcase their skills and they trapped each other in painful looking moves, only to be thwarted by the other’s stubborn resistance.

They were wrestling all over the canvas and putting all they had into trying to get that elusive first tap out and the stamina and pain thresholds of both were seriously impressive. How they withstood some of the pain they must have been in was breathtaking!

They barely paused for breath as they inflicted body scissors, head locks, arm bars, head scissors, a variety of pins and combination holds on one another.

The initiative swung back and forth with both Nairobi and Princess Nikki enjoying going on the attack at different periods of the contest.

The match seemed to whizz by quickly as both excited and entertained all of us onlookers lucky enough to witness a fabulous fight.

After an exciting match featuring some intense wrestling and the odd wardrobe malfunction, one of the talented ladies emerged victorious. This is a must see battle!

Match 6 Autumn Rose vs Ivy Rain

Match number six of Monica’s Wrestling Centre’s live summer show threw up yet another event newbie taking on an established hero - we certainly like to freshen things up around here!

Autumn Rose is an accomplished pro-wrestler and she found herself squaring off against the ever popular English rose Ivy Rain, who had featured earlier in the card.

Everyone in the arena was excited about this one but not as excited as the two fighters who exploded out the blocks - one of whom secured a lightning fast submission via an arm bar in the early seconds of the contest!

That is what we call lighting the blue touch paper! And it sparked even more fast-paced action as the two beauties battled hard all over the place in a sparkling contest.

It looked as if one woman was going to dominate - especially when she earned a second tap out - but she was soon reminded that she was in a match when her rival came fighting back in an effort to get back in the contest.

This was a truly high-quality match with some super skills constantly being showcased as Autumn Rose and Ivy Rain gave it their all.

We saw head locks, arm bars, body scissors, ankle locks, breast smothers, guillotines, head scissors, a number of pin attempts and combination holds - some of which had the desired effect.

Like with many matches, this one was being fought in an excellent spirit despite the fact they were putting each other in excruciatingly painful holds!

It was intense, it was packed with skill and power and it was throughly entertaining all the way to the final bell.

By the end of the contest there was a clear winner but that doesn’t do justice to the amazing show both Autumn Rose and Ivy Rain put on for us here!

Match 7 Orsi B vs Princess Nikki

The penultimate match of Monica’s Wrestling Centre’s live July show was a mouth-watering prospect as soon as it was made - and a Hungary v Hungary battle for the first time at one of these events!

We’ve always known Princess Nikki loves to fight so she had no qualms coming out for a third fight in this show, squaring off against her talented compatriot Orsi B.

The Hungarian hotties never fail to deliver whenever they appear in the Ring of Pain, or the MWC mats for that matter, and this occasion was no different as the two put on a remarkable battle for the excitable crowd!

With home pride at stake, both ladies just went at it and we could tell right from the start this was going to be a thrilling contest.

Both Orsi B and Princess Nikki have get skills to attack with and both have incredible resistance and defences when they are under attack so it was no surprise to see them battling all over the canvas early on.

They kept searching for openings and constantly looking to get the advantage which made for a lot of exciting past-paced action.

They were intense and feisty and there were verbals between the pair during the course of the contest - the first tap out wasn’t easily given!

They executed body scissors, head scissors, arm locks, grapevine pins, guillotines, head locks, arm bars, figure four locks and combination holds as they went all out in search of a win.

Both Princess Nikki and Orsi B were enjoying this and desperate to come out on top as the Hungarian Queen of the ring which made it all the more thrilling for us!

But which one of these beauties did emerge to take her place on the throne? Download this incredible fight to find out!

Match 8 Autumn Rose vs Nairobi

It’s something of a tradition in Monica’s Wrestling Centre live shows to finish with metaphorical fireworks and this July summer show was no different.

Two beauties making their live event debuts, having already impressed in their earlier contests, seemed the natural choice to close out this excellent show and let the punters go home with big beaming smiles on their faces!

And Autumn Rose and Nairobi were certainly looking well up for this battle as they made their way to the Ring of Pain!

Straight away, they went for each other and were soon rolling around the ring trying to execute punishing moves and get the advantage, drawing immediate gasps from the attentive crowd.

They both have power and they both have skills and they were not shy about putting them to good use as this match wore on.

A theme of this whole show seemed to be the endurance and level of punishment these ladies could take and Autumn and Nairobi were no different on this occasion!

Even crushing head scissors or head locks were unable to break either lady when locked on as they just sought to escape and go on the offensive themselves.

Both Autumn and Nairobi were putting their all into it as their bodies were soon glistening with sweat from their endeavours.

We saw body scissors, arm bars, attempted pins, head locks and combination holds as well as brilliant counter attacks as they sought those much-desired submissions.

You could see both of these warriors were loving every second of it and their enthusiasm spurred them on to battle harder, producing a high quality match for us to enjoy.

There was no doubt both Autumn Rose and Nairobi left everything they had in the ring and, while there was a winner at the end, both deserved cheers! A stunning way to end any spectacular live event!

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