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September 2023 Live Event Report

Summer might be officially over but Monica’s Wrestling Centre was determined to see in the autumn in red hot fashion with the thrilling September 2023 Live Event!

Eight immensely talented and beautiful female fighters putting on eight exciting and enthralling matches certainly brightened up the lives of those lucky enough to be in attendance.

But when you produce a card boasting the likes of Jaki, Autumn Rose, Bambi, Michaela, London, Yui, Cheetah and Kassidy then it’s no surprise that the show is going to be a roaring success!

Each lady with their own character and personality and wrestling styles coming together to put on some cracking battles in the awesome Ring of Pain.

Every single one of these fabulous ladies excelled and you can see why they are so popular within the session wrestling scene!

You know the drill with what happens at these shows by now, each match sees the rivals compete with submissions only counting across three, six minute rounds which fly by due to the incredible fighting going on in between!

We have The Referee to keep things in order, of course, even if the ladies are the ones who are in charge of things!

These eight bouts produced some classic action and amazing wrestling with impressive moves capturing those all important tap outs as they wrestled their way to victory.

And the event was such a success and thoroughly enjoyed by those lucky enough to be in attendance, it felt like Walthamstow in London was the centre of the wrestling universe!

If you missed out, you should be sitting in a corner and thinking about your life choices! But at least you can see the thrills and spills for yourself through these fantastic clips which have captured all the glorious action! Sit back, relax and enjoy the ride!

Match 1 Jaki v Autumn Rose

As the regular punters know, all Monica’s Wrestling Centre live events start with a bang and this was one was no different as two contrasting talents met in the Ring of Pain.

The ‘Bulgarian destroyer’ Jaki squared off against the ‘lion-hearted’ Autumn Rose in what looked to be a promising and exciting match up before the first bell had even been rung.

Jaki had a significant size advantage but anyone who’s ever seen Autumn Rose in action knows she will take on all comers and give it her all in pursuit of victory!

Sure enough, it was a fast paced start as the two looked to get to grips with one another and gain an advantage right from the off. You could see straight away that both ladies were well up for it and were enjoying themselves in the heat of the battle!

We saw some incredible action throughout all three rounds including some hard slams and take downs, body scissors, head scissors, ankle locks, arm bars and combination holds which clearly had an effect judging by the cries of pain Autumn Rose and Jaki would give out from time to time.

At one stage it looked like one of these warriors would run away with things but she was soon pegged back by a very determined and spirited rival!

As well as hooking in some seriously impressive holds, both Jaki and Autumn Rose proved they could take it when on the receiving end as submissions were not always easily given!

Both ladies were delighted with the match and the submissions they both earned as we drew to a close.

By the end, there was a clear winner but the love and respect between the two athletes was clear for all to see!

Match 2 - Bambi v Michaela

The crowd had barely gotten their breath back after the first contest in Monica’s Wrestling Centre’s September 2023 live event when another corker of a match was put before them!

Beauties Bambi and Michaela looked like they were keen to get to grips with one another before the bell had sounded and when they did get down to it, we were most certainly not disappointed!

It was action packed and wrestled at a quick tempo from the very first second as the pair were soon rolling around on the canvas looking to get those all important submissions.

It was another match made in heaven as both Michaela and Bambi showcased their incredible ability in a fight which had the audience on the edge of its seat throughout.

Tap outs were not easily given and it took some impressive work from both of these warriors to earn the submissions that they managed to prise from the other!

One of the girls raced into a 2-0 lead with a couple of nasty looking head locks but if she thought her work here was done, she was given a rude awakening when her determined opponent fought back strongly as the match wore on!

We saw guillotines, head scissors, body scissors, arm bars and combination holds - sometimes they’d both have a scissor hold applied to one another at the same time! If ever two women were a good match for each other, it was Bambi and Michaela!

As well as some stunning offensive moves, the pair also showed great resilience and determination to not give in when it looked like the easiest option. They are not just gorgeous faces, these girls!

It was an exciting, hard fought contest right to the very end at which point one of them was able to claim a tight victory!

Match 3 London v Yui

The third thrilling battle of the Monica’s Wrestling Centre September 2023 live show saw two regular favourites fight it out in what promised to be an intriguing contest.

London and Yui are not the tallest wrestlers you’re ever going to see but what they most certainly do possess are huge fighting hearts and they certainly put them on display throughout this excellent match!

Yui had a bit of a size advantage but London has a lot more experience and both were keen to utilise all the weapons they had at their disposal right from the start.

They battled hard for a little while on their feet as they tried to take one another down before they finally crashed to the canvas and continued to fight while down there.

Such was the intensity of the wrestling going on, we almost had an unfortunate moment with one of the warriors’ nose rings but thankfully it was sorted with any injury to the girls!

London and Yui were giving it their all and inevitably submissions soon started to come through a variety of different holds that they managed to lock on one another throughout.

We saw head locks, body scissors, reverse head scissors, arm bars, head locks and combination holds - some of which resulted in tap outs from the lady on the receiving end of them.

The intense level they were doing battle at never wavered throughout the three rounds as the submission-hungry wrestlers keep up the pace all the way.

You could tell just by looking at London and Yui that they had worked their cute butts off from the very first bell to the last one.

When the match was finally over, there was a very clear winner between the two but there clearly was super appreciation for both ladies as they left the Ring of Pain!

Match 4 Cheetah v Michaela

The last match of the first half of Monica’s Wrestling Centre September 2023 live event was yet another which delivered on the promise of it being a wonderful clash between two gorgeous grapplers!

Marvellous Michaela had only been in a pulsating battle with Bambi just a short time before this but she was back in the Ring of Pain having to face up to the wild cat and firm MWC favourite that is delightful Cheetah!

And the skill and strength of both of these fighters was on show right away with submissions and near misses become a staple of the action we saw in each of the three six minute rounds.

There was determination and steel as well as amazing ability and neither Cheetah nor Michaela was in the mood to lose this war.

You could cut the tension in the air with a knife as the pair of them fought tooth and nail and gave it all they had to try to secure those all important tap outs.

They managed to trap each other in head scissors, body scissors, head locks, guillotines, arm bars and combination holds as the fought hard all over the squared circle.

It is obvious that both Michaela and Cheetah are tough cookies as lesser wrestlers would have tapped furiously in submission on many occasions whilst these pair just took their medicine and fought their way out of the predicaments they found themselves in!

The match was fought in terrific spirit but you could see just how much each of these two wanted it by looking at their faces when they thought they were going to get a tap out!

Both Cheetah and Michaela left it all out there in this one and it paid dividends for one of them who walked away with a narrow victory! A truly thrilling battle!

Match 5 Bambi v London

After the half time break, there could have been no better way to kickstart Monica’s Wrestling Centre’s September 2023 live show than having these two vibrant beauties doing battle!

Both Bambi and London had delighted in the first half of the event so we had absolutely no doubts whatsoever that they would rock the Ring of Pain once more when they took each other on.

And, as usual, we were not wrong! They just launched at one another after the first bell and delivered a fabulous match which saw them fighting hard on pretty much every inch of the ring canvas they could find!

Every time it looked like one was on top the other would turn the tables and both London and Bambi had their moments where they were agonisingly close to securing a submission before being thwarted.

It took some effort and some time before a leg scissor from one of the wrestlers finally made her rival tap out!

Not that this changed anything of course. As soon as they got back at it, the pattern of the contest resumed as before!

We were treated to head scissors, body scissors, arm bars, head locks, breast smothers, leg locks and combination holds.

Both London and Bambi were looking to be on the attack throughout this even contest and it made for an enthralling and thrilling battle fought out over three hotly contested rounds!

The match was fought in a great spirit but make no mistake, both of these two wanted this win and did all they could to get it and both had their chances right up until the final bell!

The result was very much in doubt all the way to the end. But did Bambi or London manage to overcome the other and get a truly impressive win under their belt? Download to find out!

Match 6 Kassidy v Autumn Rose

In her first match at the Monica’s Wrestling Centre September 2023 Live event, Autumn Rose had to face an amazon who towered above her in terms of height.

So, what were the chances of her having to face someone who towered above her in her second fight? Well, very high it seems as she found herself standing opposite the phenomenal Kassidy in the Ring of Pain!

Not that this intimidated her, of course. The delightful Autumn Rose never shirks a challenge however big it might be and both she and Kassidy were well up for this one!

They were soon fighting hard on the canvas, looking to gain an advantage over one another and desperately trying to utilise their obvious wrestling skills to make the other submit!

Kassidy is strong and athletic and knows how to use her size advantage but she was finding Autumn Rose a tricky and stubborn customer in the early moments while Autumn herself looked for her own openings.

However, once the door was pushed slightly ajar with the all important first submission, then the lucky lady was quick to push it open fully and walk right in!

We saw lots of head scissors, body scissors, arm locks, head locks, breast smothers and combination holds as well as some equally impressive defensive work which saw them both avoid what looked nailed on tap out moves.

The smiles remained on both Autumn Rose and Kassidy’s faces throughout the contest, even when they must have been feeling the heat and pain of the battle.

Such was their dedication, even what looked to be a painful wrist injury was quickly shaken off and the match resumed to the level we’d enjoyed!

By the end though, there was a clear winner but there was a lot of love and respect for the valiant loser who made her work hard for victory!

Match 7 Yui v Cheetah

The penultimate match of the Monica’s Wrestling Centre September 2023 Live show promised us a treat and we most certainly were not left disappointed!

Curvy beauties Yui and Cheetah are no strangers to the Ring of Pain or the event format and seemed as excited and enthusiastic to get it on against one another as we were to see them go at it!

It started off at a terrific pace as both ladies got to grips with each other and we were soon enjoying them fighting all over the canvas as they sought those all important submissions.

And when the first tap out came, via a rather impressive arm bar, it presented us with a rather unusual first occurrence for the referee - and all of us watching, come to think of it!

With the victim in the precarious position and unable to slap the mats with her hand, she instead used her chin to tap out on her rival’s shapely bottom! Needs must, and all that I guess!

For all the laughs this provoked, Yui and Cheetah had serious business to tend to and boy did they do tend to it with some hard wrestling between the well matched pair.

We saw grapevine pins, arm locks, body scissors, head locks, head scissors, leg locks, arm bars and combination holds as they battled furiously in the search of an impressive victory.

And with Yui and Cheetah level pegging as the match drew to a close, it made for a thrilling finish with them rolling around the ring desperately trying to get that crucial tap out!

It was tense and exciting and the two fighters were locked together in furious combat right until the final bell! To find out if either of these beauties won, you’ll have to download this magnificent match to find out!

Match 8 Kassidy v Jaki

It is somewhat customary to go big for the finale of any Monica’s Wrestling Centre Live event and this one for the September 2023 show certainly lived up to the billing!

The two tall amazons Jaki and Kassidy were the twin towers who Autumn Rose had to face earlier in the day so we were licking our lips in anticipation at the thought of them taking each other on.

As you’d expect, the entrances were grand (Jaki most certainly made the most of hers) and that only added to the excitement about what was to follow. And what followed is what you’d expect from two exceptionally super strong and immensely skilled athletes.

When they clashed you could see this was going to be a brutal war - albeit one fought in a great sporting spirit and in good humour - and they soon exchanged submissions.

The blue touch paper had been lit and Kassidy and Jaki both knew they were in for a hell of a battle over the three rounds.

Not only are they able to lock in some serious holds that can cause much anguish, their ability to take punishment is equally impressive and this only heightened the contest that was unfolding in front of us.

We saw arm bars, head locks, grapevine pins, body scissors, arm locks, head scissors and combination holds as the advantage flipped back and forth between the two.

The respect and admiration was clear between both Kassidy and Jaki but that didn’t stop them trying to ramp up the pressure (and no doubt the agony!) and get those much sought after submissions!

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