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Dec 23 Live Event Report

With the festive season upon us and the cold weather kicking in, Monica’s Wrestling Centre can always be relied on to put on a red hot Live Event to warm everyone up!

And there were eight gorgeous Christmas crackers who donned their wrestling attire and strutted their stuff inside the MWC Ring of Pain to put on eight truly fantastic matches under the ‘control’ of The Referee, of course!

The action was fast-paced and exciting and the quality of the grappling on show extremely high as we saw some hard fought and very close battles throughout the day.

New faces joining a Monica’s Wrestling Centre live show for the first time came in the shape of beauties Sheela, Epiphany Jones and Mel Fire but they took to the event like ducks to water and it was hard to believe they’d never been on this stage before!

Of course, it’s always good to welcome back popular wrestlers who have set the canvas alight in the past and, on this occasion, those lovely ladies were Michaela, Cheetah, Jaki, Autumn Rose and Nairobi.

Every single one of these girls delivered what we hoped for and the cheers and hollering from the crowd was evidence they the lucky punters there were being given an incredible early Christmas present.

And while every one of the girls is competitive and proud and always keen to take home a victory, all the matches were fought in a fabulous spirit and showed everything that is great about this wonderful scene of ours.

If you were weren’t one of those fortunate fellows in the arena watching all this unfold live then you missed a treat. But, as ever, your luck is in as you can see all the excitement for yourself in these fantastic clips which have captured all of the important action! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! See you in 2024!

Match 1 Michaela vs Sheela

As ever, the first bout of any Monica’s Wrestling Centre live event carries the added bit of pressure of getting the show off to an exciting start - no pressure then ladies!

But both debutant Sheela and Italian Michaela easily rose to the challenge and gave us a serious treat from the second they climbed through the ropes of the Ring of Pain!

It looked like a great match up on paper between two beautiful talents and it certainly proved to be the case when the action got underway after their introductions by the Referee.

Both Michaela and Sheela looked like they meant business before the opening bell and they wasted no time in getting to grips with one another and battling hard for control.

But, while it was a hard fought contest, it was also one which was contested in fine spirit with plenty of fun moments along the way from two talents at the top of their game.

They were soon trapping each other in moves such as head scissors, arm bars, head locks and body scissors and combination holds as they went back and forth all over the ring.

Clearly both Sheela and Michaela had plenty of resistance in them two as submissions weren’t easily given whenever each found herself in a sticky situation.

It was action packed and thrilling competitive wrestling all the way and the crowd, along with the other wrestlers present were clearly enjoying the show and getting well into it judging by their reactions!

But we can guarantee no one enjoyed it more than Sheela and Michaela themselves - especially when they were spanking one another!

By the end, there was a clear winner but there is no doubt both of these warriors played their part in a cracking opening battle!

Match 2 Epiphany Jones vs Cheetah

The second match of Monica’s Wrestling Centre’s December 2023 Event gave us the intriguing proposition of an established favourite taking on a newbie making her UK live show debut!

Beautiful fan favourite Cheetah enthusiastically made her way to the ring, no doubt keen to get her hands on the fresh meat which came in the shape of the exquisite Epiphany Jones.

They looked evenly matched which only added to the spice and anticipation ahead of the action getting under way in the Ring of Pain.

And so it proved as they got to grips with one another and fought hard and fast across the canvas looking for the advantage to help get those all important tap outs.

Their power and wrestling skills were super impressive, as was their ability to absorb pressure and pain, as the fast paced match flew by.

Both Epiphany Jones and Cheetah were fighting hard and giving it their all and the reactions from those watching showed they were fully immersed in the tense and thrilling action taking place in front of their very eyes!

And while the wrestling was impressive, their ability to break free from punishing looking holds was also remarkable!

They exchanged body scissors, head locks, arm bars, head scissors and combination holds which clearly had the desired effect that each lady was looking for.

Both Cheetah and Epiphany Jones were leaving everything on the mats and the hard wrestling continued from start to finish throughout all three six minute rounds they did battle in.

Despite the incredible fighting from both of these warriors, one of them did pull clear and end up a clear winner.

But there was no doubting that both Cheetah and Epiphany showed the best of their abilities and delighted the audience, judging by the reception they received at the end!

Match 3 - Mel Fire vs Jaki

The third fight of the action packed Monica’s Wrestling Centre December 2023 Live Event was another to feature a newcomer to the venue and one which saw a battle of two amazons!

Red hot Mel Fire made a scorching entrance into the Ring Of Pain for her match with the popular regular at MWC - gorgeous Jaki!

We were licking our lips in anticipation ahead of this clash of the powerhouses and, after a bit of japery involving The Referee, we were not disappointed at the war which broke out between the pair!

It was immediately obvious that both of these women were going to have to work hard and be at their best to secure submissions as each had the strength and stubbornness not to quit when finding themselves in tough positions.

The standard was high and the action was intense as Mel Fire and Jaki fought on the ground trying to get an edge to try to get in touch.

They got each other in head locks, body scissors, head scissors, arm bars, cross body pins and combination holds which brought about some submissions but more near misses as each lady dug deep to resist succumbing to the other.

The crowd and fellow wrestlers were absorbed in the action too with many shouting encouragement and applauding and cheering at the many flashes of quality that came from both the ladies.

And while the match was serious business for both Mel Fire and Jaki, it was being wrestled in a fabulous spirit - both of them even on the same page when it came to threatening, tormenting and ultimately attacking The Referee! These girls take no prisoners, not even those hapless men in ‘authority’!

Both of these warriors had their moments on top throughout the contest but only one emerged victorious overall after a fantastic encounter!

Match 4 Michaela vs Autumn Rose

The fourth match of Monica’s Wrestling Centre’s December 2023 show promised to be a corker and we most certainly weren’t disappointed!

The exciting bundle of energy and enthusiasm that is Autumn Rose made her first appearance of the show in the Ring of Pain to take on the brilliant Italian Michaela, who had already delighted the crowd in the very first match on the card!

Both of these beauties have skill and power and we just knew it would be a humdinger of a battle which is exactly what we got.

It was fast paced and action packed as soon as Michaela and Autumn Rose got to grips with one another, battling all over the canvas across the ring trying to get an advantage over one another at every opportunity.

They were so engrossed in the fight, they almost ended up rolling outside the ring at one point forcing a quick adjustment back to the middle!

They were clearly very well matched and, as the rounds came and went, it was becoming increasingly difficult to predict the outcome of this one.

We saw both Michaela And Autumn Rose execute some fine wrestling moves including body scissors, arm bars, head locks, head scissors, ankle locks, leg locks and combination holds executed expertly.

What also added to the excitement was both of them being so determined and possessing a strong resistance level which ensured they didn’t tap out easily!

And despite their intensity and the sheer desire they clearly had in search of victory, there was a great sporting spirit between the pair as they fought.

It was a close contest all the way through and we were left on the edge of our seats wondering which of Michaela and Autumn Rose would emerge victorious! Download this to find out which one did!

Match 5 Jaki vs Nairobi

The fifth contest of Monica’s Wrestling Centre’s December 2023 Live Event threw up a very interesting match-up indeed.

The amazonian Jaki returned for her second bout of the day to take on the stunning Nairobi who was making her first appearance of the day in this show.

Nairobi presented herself - and was served up by The Referee - as a victim for Jaki and seemed nervous about the prospect of taking on the Eastern European powerhouse.

But make no mistake - Nairobi is no wimp in the squared circle! And even though Jaki got off to a flyer, Nairobi was soon making her own mark on the attacking front and ensuring her imposing rival knew she was in for a real fight.

There was some incredible action between the pair which prompted a fair amount of whoops and hollers (not to mention laughs) that were coming from a very excitable crowd!

Nairobi and Jaki got each other in body scissors, head locks, arm bars, ankle locks, head scissors, tickling (!), grapevine pins and combination holds throughout this spirited contest.

There were even moments when they both had each other trapped in the same move with neither willing to budge and give the other a much-sought after submission!

Amongst all the serious grappling and fighting, there were also plenty of laughs between the pair and it was plainly obvious that they were enjoying themselves as well as putting on a great show for the grateful audience.

Their endeavours paid off too as both ladies ensured they got on the scoresheet after forcing tap outs from each other during the course of the fight.

Both Jaki and Nairobi fought hard and with big smiles on their faces right to the end where a clear winner emerged. But both showcased the immense talent they possess!

Match 6 Sheela vs Cheetah

Monica’s Wrestling Centre’s very own ‘wild thing’ Cheetah was back for her second match in the December 2023 Live Event and it was up against another debutant!

Sheela had impressed greatly in her first ever match at an MWC live show earlier in the day and she was clearly itching to repeat her form in this sixth match on the card.

They might have been all smiles across those beautiful faces as they entered the Ring of Pain but it soon became obvious that both Cheetah and Sheela wanted to score a victory here and they were certainly prepared to go for it.

Cheetah had a bit of a size advantage over her rival but this didn’t seem to deter or affect Sheela negatively and they were soon rolling around on the ground and giving their all trying to force those all important submissions.

It soon became apparent that they were evenly matched and whenever one seemed to be getting into an advantageous position, the other would come fighting back strongly.

The close competitive nature of the contest also captured the imagination of the watching crowd too as they shouted their encouragement and cheered and applauded the ladies’ efforts.

Both Sheela and Cheetah caught each other in body scissors, head locks, choke holds, arm bars and combination holds - amongst a number of other moves - as they battled hard to earn those points.

You could see how much it meant to both of them through the expressions on their faces as they went at it in this exciting match.

As we entered the final stages you could see Sheela and Cheetah had thrown everything into this in search of an impressive victory and they fought hard right to the end.

It was tight all the way but you’ll have to download this great match to see how it ended up!

Match 7 Autumn Rose vs Mel Fire

The penultimate contest of Monica’s Wrestling Centre’s December 2023 Live Event promised us a treat before the luscious ladies had even emerged to do battle.

And when popular Autumn Rose and show debutant Mel Fire made their way to the Ring of Pain, they most certainly lived up to the billing in this fabulous match!

Mel might have fire in her name but her rival Autumn Rose had flames on her wrestling attire and the action was red hot right from the opening bell!

The pair just launched themselves at each other and were soon engaged i na struggle on the canvas as they tried to assert their authority on one another in the hope of gaining momentum and, more importantly, those vital submissions.

Both Autumn Rose and Mel Fire are blessed with power and skill so we were always going to be treated to a high quality contest once they got fully into it.

In addition to that, they are both very resilient and able to take a lot of punishment without giving in at the first sign of distress which only added to the excitement and tension of the match.

They executed a number of moves along the way including head locks, body scissors, bear hugs, leg locks, arm bars, face sitting and combination holds as the fight ticked along quickly.

And, as always in low scoring encounters, the need to be stubborn and resist these punishing moves became greater the longer it went on.

It was a titanic tussle from start to finish and you could see from how exhausted they looked at the end just how much both Mel Fire and Autumn Rose had put into this fantastic battle.

But was either of these fabulous fighters able to get the all important victory? Download this clip to find out!

Match 8 Nairobi vs Epiphany Jones

It is a tradition at all Monica’s Wrestling Centre Live Events to end on a massive high and this December 2023 extravaganza was no different.

Talented beauties Nairobi and Epiphany Jones were more than up to the task of putting on a great fight and providing an apt end to what had been a spectacularly brilliant event.

As soon as they entered the Ring of Pain they wore expressions which suggested they were itching to get it on and when they did they were soon battling all over the canvas in an exciting match.

In fact, such was the enthusiasm and desire to fight, one of the ladies had to temporarily tend to an injury she picked up in the heat of the battle.

But it takes more than a small ailment to stop these warriors and in no time at all, both Nairobi and Epiphany Jones were back at it doing what they do so brilliantly to the delight of a crowd which had already been treated to a wonderful day of wrestling!

It was clear that they were very well matched and this was borne out how they went back and forth on the offensive and did all they could to resist tapping out when the pressure was on.

We saw body scissors, head locks, arm bars, face sits, schoolgirl pins, breast smothers and combination holds - many moves which would have broken weaker fighters.

But these two are made of sterner stuff and when they did finally secure submissions, they didn’t come easily!

It was a match battled in fantastic spirit and you could see that both Epiphany Jones and Nairobi were relishing every second of it as they fought long and hard right until the final bell.

Eventually we did get a clear winner in the end but both of these deserved the long cheers and applause they got!

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