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MWC - Live Event March 2024

There is always huge anticipation for the first Monica’s Wrestling Centre live event of the year and the March 2024 surpassed those expectations with interest!

Seven incredibly fast paced and skilled battles which has us all breathless and on the edge of our seats as we enjoyed the thrills and spills of what the talented ladies on the MWC roster can deliver in the Ring of Pain.

The line-up was mouth-watering in terms of the talent and the beauty on display and featured a healthy mix of favourites and a couple of debutants to make it intriguing as well as super exciting for those in attendance.

Firm favourites strutting their stuff in the squared circle were the stunning Sheela, Rosie, Alora Lux, Luna K and Eva Ray and they were joined by two beauties taking part in their first MWC shows - Phoenix and Petra.

The punters had waited months since the last live event and but all the girls made it worth the wait as they put on a stunning spectacle in all the truly memorable matches which are a must have in your collections.

All the wrestlers lived up to the hype and delivered bouts which were befitting of the stunning venue they were strutting their stuff in!

The only down side of the whole thing is the seven pulsating matches and the overall show seemed to zip by in the blink of an eye and now everyone has to wait several months before they can get their much needed fix of fabulous live wrestling again!

If you were unable to make it to London in person, then you missed out on an instant classic! But luckily for you, all seven fights were captured on these fabulous clips which are well worth downloading! Here’s to the summer show!

Match 1 Sheela vs Rosie

A firmly established custom for any Monica’s Wrestling Centre live event is to have a cracking first contest to set the tone for the rest of the bash.

And that’s exactly what we were blessed with when the gorgeous grapplers sensational Sheela and ravishing Rosie climbed through the Ring of Pain ropes and did battle in front of the very excited crowd!

Judging by the huge smiles on their beautiful faces as they faced off, it was obvious the pair were keen to get it on and so, once The Referee gave the go-ahead, that’s exactly what they did!

As soon as they locked up, they were rolling around on the canvas trying to get the upper hand on one another.

Rosie might have a size advantage but the little spitfire that is Sheela never gives in easily to anyone regardless of their size and this set this thrilling contest up nicely.

Both ladies soon started earning submissions in the heat of the battle - Sheela drawing first blood with a body scissors before Rosie equalised with a breast smother.

And there were plenty more where they came from as both women managed to collect tap outs as the rounds quickly came and went in this fast-paced and action packed opener!

It was also being fought in a great spirit and it was obvious that both Rosie and Sheela were doing something they love so much - scrapping in front of an appreciative audience! 

Sheela and Rosie deserved credit for giving it their all and producing a cracking contest but in the end only one of them could emerge the winner - and she was rightly delighted with her victory. Download this fantastic battle to see which of them walked out with the bragging rights!

Match 2 Alora Lux vs Luna K

The second pulsating encounter in Monica’s Wrestling Centre’s March 2024 live event brought together two sexy, strong and striking personalities with bags of fighting ability!

Alora Lux and Luna K might be very different in terms of appearance but what they do have in common is a lot of confidence and a will to win so we couldn’t wait to see how this one was going to pan out!

As soon as they stepped into the Ring of Pain and faced off against one another, we knew this would be a good one and we most certainly weren’t disappointed.

They wasted no time at all in getting to grips with each other and fighting all over the canvas trying to get the advantage which would help them get those much sought after submissions!

What also became apparent is that both Alora Lux and Luna K would have to work hard for those tap outs as the two tough cookies demonstrated they weren’t in the mood to give in easily!

Of course that’s not to say they didn’t get any submissions of course. After a titanic tussle, the first came via an expertly executed Boston crab while the second followed following an impressive grapevine pin.

This was high quality stuff from two super talented and determined wrestlers and things only got better and better as the contest progressed.

The pair got each other in head locks, body scissors, head scissors, arm bars, breast smothers, schoolgirl pins and combination holds which had the desired effect.

It was hard fought, the action was back and forth and Luna and Alora were giving it all they had throughout this exciting battle.

It was a tight contest which produced a narrow winner - she was certainly delighted. But we back her opponents’ call for a rematch! We’d love to see it!

Match 3 Eva Ray vs Phoenix

The third match of the Monica’s Wrestling Centre March 2024 live event continued the trend set by the first two contests by delivering a fabulous contest.

Again, it featured two beautiful fighters who were strikingly different in terms of looks - the ever popular Eva Ray and the Ring of Pain debutant Phoenix.

Phoenix had an obvious size advantage but we’ve seen Eva Ray go up against bigger opponents time and time again and never get fazed and it became blatantly obvious that it wasn’t going to be the case here.

For her part, Phoenix showed no sign of first fight nerves and the pair were soon battling hard all over the canvas as they tried to secure an advantage over one another in the breathless opening few minutes of the contest.

They were fighting so hard that even wardrobe malfunctions during the heat of the battle didn’t stop them as they carried on looking for those much wanted tap outs!

However, every time it looked as if one of these warriors was getting an advantage, her rival would fight her way out and turn the tables and go on the attack herself which only added to the excitement for all of us lucky to be present.

Eva Ray and Phoenix delivered body scissors, breast smothers, head locks, head scissors, arm bars, cross body pins, schoolgirl pins and combination holds in a frenetic fight in which they never seemed to pause for breath.

Their skills were matched by their determination not to give in easily and so we weren’t short of pulsating action to be entertained by!

While both Eva Ray and Phoenix were successful, one of them did finally run out a clear winner and earn an impressive victory. But both showed their immense class in what was undoubtedly a fantastic fight!

Match 4 Petra vs Rosie

The fourth battle of the Monic’s Wrestling Centre March 2024 live event featured another gorgeous newcomer taking on an established beauty!

Petra was making her debut in the Ring Of Pain and she was thrown straight into an intriguing match with Rosie - who had already delighted the punters by taking part in a rip-roaring fight to open the show!

But if the brunette was showing any first event nerves, she did well to hide them as she and ravishing Rosie immediately locked up and started battling it out back and forth in the opening minutes of the contest.

Both ladies wore big smiles on their faces but there was nothing funny for either of them when they were trapped in their opponents expertly applied holds.

As well as the skills, there was a lot of resilience on display too as Rosie and Petra refused to succumb at the first sign of trouble and instead fought their way out of sticky situations!

After a breathless first round, you’d be forgiven for thinking they couldn’t keep up the energetic pace but they sure did and carried on where they left off with some sublime grappling.

They got each other in head scissors, head locks, body scissors, arm bars, roll up pins, school girl pins, breast smothers and combination holds as they put their hearts and souls into finding those submissions!

It was clear both Petra and Rosie were enjoying themselves by their interactions with each other and the big smiles on their faces but they each remained determined to come out on top!

Everyone watching was left on the edge of their seats and totally engaged throughout this evenly matched battle.

By the end, one of these beauties did emerge as winner by the narrowest of margins but both walked away with immense credit for a job well done!

Match 5 Alora Lux vs Petra

Pretty Petra waited patiently for almost the entire first half of the Monica’s Wrestling Centre March 2024 live show for her first match and then two came along at the same time!

After closing out part one, the debutant was straight back in action to kick off the second half of the event and thrown into another intriguing contest against an established beauty in the form of awesome Alora Lux.

This promised to be another great match up and we sure weren’t disappointed as the two immediately longed at one another after the opening bell and got down to business!

They were soon battling all over the Ring of Pain looking for an opening to get an advantage and secure those all important submissions that would help secure a famous victory.

Both Petra and Alora have the skills and the fierce determination not just to lock in painful looking holds but to escape from them relatively unscathed too and this added to the intensity of their fight.

The pendulum swung back and forth between the two as these well matched beauties fought as hard as they can.

It took a monumental effort for the first tap out to come - which it did via a crushing head scissor - but this didn’t interrupt the flow of the contest as the pair immediately got straight back at one another!

Alora and Petra got each other with body scissors, head locks, arm bars, schoolgirl pins, ankle locks, head scissors and combination holds 

Among the brilliant wrestling, both ladies were able to get on the scoreboard and both continued to look for more submissions as the match drew closer to the end.

Eventually one of these warriors emerged as a clear winner but she most certainly knew she had been in one heck of a fight by the end of the match!

Match 6 Luna K vs Eva Ray

The penultimate contest of the Monica’s Wrestling Centre March 2024 live event pitted two ultra gorgeous and ultra talented fighters in a mouthwatering prospect of a match!

Eva Ray and Luna K are no strangers to the venue so we were all confident we would see a thrilling contest and, as The Referee himself put it, ‘some interesting shapes’ as they tied each other up!

We knew it would be fast paced but even we were taken aback when the first submission came with a pin in the early moments! 

They were soon rolling around on the Ring of Pain canvas trapping each other in all kinds of moves and everyone watching was immediately on the edge of their seats!

Luscious Luna has the pro-wrestling skills and ability to twist people up like a pretzel but exquisite Eva Ray has the flexibility and resilience to escape so it was no surprise to see The Referee’s pre-fight prediction coming true.

Both were catching each other in their traps, both were successfully earning tap outs and both were escaping other sticky situations throughout! They really were proving to be a match made in wrestling heaven!

The action was relentless and fast paced and the ability both Luna and Eva showed was incredible.

They got each other in body scissors, head locks, arm bars, a variety of pins, breast smothers, head scissors, figure four locks and combination holds as both showed they are ladies who just love to fight!

Witnessing their sheer skill and big fighting heart demonstrated why both Eva and Luna are such popular draws on the MWC roster!

After a stunning display by both beauties, one of them did emerge as winner but it takes two to tango and there is no doubt both made this an instant classic!

Match 7 Sheela vs Phoenix

As always, a Monica’s Wrestling Centre live show ends with a fabulous finale and the March 2024 event was no exception with this battle of contrasts.

Sheela is the small fighter with the huge fighting heart and she was pitted against the bigger Phoenix who had delighted and impressed on her Ring of Pain debut earlier in the show.

But size isn’t always the deciding factor in a wrestling match and if anyone thought Phoenix would have it easy against Sheela then those thoughts were almost immediately blown out of their minds as the two engaged in a fast paced and hard fought contest.

You could see both ladies just wanted to battle and they wore big grins on their faces as they circled each other warily looking for an opening in which to pounce!

A running theme of the whole live show was the resilience of all the fighters who demonstrated an ability to take the pain and escape holds and both Sheela and Phoenix were no different as they escaped from some rather sticky situations to avoid giving away any submissions.

That’s not to say there weren’t any tap outs, of course, as both ladies made their mark and got on the scoreboard in style during the match.

We were treated to head locks, body scissors, arm bars, head scissors, schoolgirl pins and combination holds as the two looked to get ahead and secure an impressive victory.

There was clearly mutual respect and a lot of fun between Phoenix and Sheela but the grunts and groans of pain told us it wasn’t all smiles as the holds made their mark!

The action came thick and fast throughout all three rounds and both ladies clearly enjoyed themselves out there! One emerged as the winner but both ensured the show signed off with a bang!

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