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Eva vs Gabriella

Beauties Eva and Gabriella are always up for a fight whenever they step into the squared circle and it appeared they couldn’t wait to get their hands on one another in this Shiny Pro Ring Girls battle!

After a brief warm up, they practically shot out of their respective corners in the Monica’s Wrestling Centre Ring of Pain and were soon grappling all over the place looking to dominate one another.

Both are quick and skilled and both certainly know how to put their opponents through the wringer and this is exactly how it panned out here as they fought hard seeking an advantage.

And boy did they both enjoy it when they were on top! The sheer joy and pleasure they seemed to take in punishing one another told us neither Eva or Gabriella were playing - they wanted to notch up an all important win!

As you’d expect with talents such as this pair, the action was top quality and fast-paced, something no-one is ever going to complain about.

Both their skills are immense and we saw this as they executed head locks, body scissors, choke holds, stink faces, cross body pins, school girl pins and combination holds.

There were plenty of near misses with pins too while the verbals were delivered with as much enthusiasm too, which always adds to the drama.

They weren’t afraid of going to any extent to earning pins and the shrieks of pain and agony which came from both at various times of the contest told us those efforts were paying off.

It was a super exciting match which saw the initiative go from one woman to the other throughout - both Eva and Gabriella deserve respect!

Of course there can only be one winner and she earned it in brutal fashion - much to the frustration of the loser!

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