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Luna vs Autumn - Rematch

When the two firecrackers Luna K and Autumn Rose first met in a Shiny Pro Ring Girls encounter, it was so good we couldn’t wait to see them lock horns again!

And so here they were, two talented beauties, circling one another both ready for action in the Monica’s Wrestling Centre Ring of Pain - much to our excitement.

It’s fair to say, much to their excitement too as the beaming smiles and pre-fight conversation indicated that both these awesome wrestlers were well up for the battle too.

The smiles don’t last for long as the pair are soon knocking lumps out of one another in a hard fought back and forth match which sees both Luna and Autumn showing exactly why they are so popular with the wrestling fans out there!

They were both prepared to push the limits and attack each other with all the weapons they had in their arsenal in search of a much coveted victory and bragging rights at the end!

It was Autumn who was in the ascendency first as she looked to take control but Luna had other ideas and she was soon turning the tables and dishing out a world of pain to her rival.

We saw head locks, slams to the canvas, shoulders to the belly, body scissors, arm bars, roll up pin attempts, elbow drops, leg drops and combination holds - many of which clearly had the desired effect judging by the screams of pain both ladies emitted!

Both Luna and Autumn were prepared to fight dirty too, such was their obvious desire to get the victory, as the match drew to a thrilling finish.

Despite both deserving it, there could only be one winner and she finally managed it after the brutal war with a roll up pin. Her daring kiss on the loser’s cheek being the icing on the cake!

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