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Eva vs Beth Bennett

Away from Monica’s Wrestling Centre’s Ring of Pain, beauties Eva and Beth Bennett look like the sweetest ladies you could ever wish to meet.

But put them up against one another in a Shiny Pro Ring Girls battle and they turn into crazy fighters who will stop at nothing to not only win but to destroy opponents!

It is clear from the pre-match warm-up that these two are itching to get their hands on one another and, after a bit of verbal jousting, they are soon brutally attacking one another!

Beth has a bit of a size advantage over Eva but the smaller girl is used to taking on - and very often beating - bigger opponents so there is no way she was ever going to be phased here.

Both wrestlers possess plenty of skill, power and experience but it becomes obvious that these two came here to brawl and they are soon engaging in some legal and many not-so-legal moves in a hotly contested match!

We lost count of the number of times there were low blows and hairpulling from both Eva and Beth as they demonstrated a willingness to stop at nothing to get the win.

It was an even battle all the way too as just as one appeared to be in the driving seat, her rival would turn the tables and dish out her own brand of punishment.

And both Eva and Beth Bennett proved they are as equally adept at trash talking one another as they are fighting with plenty of taunts and insults being exchanged as the match went on.

The ending was as brutal as what came before it and one of these warriors was unsurprisingly delighted with her win, gleefully enjoying her pin fall victory over her dazed opponent!

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