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Autumn Rose vs Rogue

Given the Shiny Pro Ring Girls’ roster is packed full of confident (some might say cocky!) fighting ladies, it’s not often we see much in the way of niceties whenever two of them lock horns in Monica’s Wrestling Centre’s Ring of Pain.

But both Autumn Rose and Rogue are full of big smiles and compliments for each other’s lovely outfits as they meet in the centre of the ring!

We’re left wondering if we are going to be treated to any kind of combat action…that is until Autumn Rose decides enough is enough of all the pleasantries and lands an unexpected kick to poor Rogue’s unprotected belly! That’s more like it!

And she soon takes advantage as she embarks on punishing ravishing Rogue and making her screams fill the venue!

But if Autumn Rose thought her rival was just a pretty face and this would be easy for her, she is made to think again as Rogue comes fighting back to give her a taste of her own medicine!

And this sets the scene for the rest of this contest as every time Autumn Rose thinks she is in control, she finds herself on the receiving end of Rogue’s spirited fightback!

We see camel clutches, head locks, body scissors, head scissors, grapevine pins, a number of takedowns, a variety of pin attempts and combination holds in this fast paced fight.

Both Autumn Rose and Rogue dole out some harsh looking punishment and both show their grit and determination to resist submitting and then come roaring back on the offensive themselves.

They give it their all and they certainly feel it all too judging by the moans and groans each gives out whenever they are trapped in a hold!

It’s an exciting battle right to the end so download to find out which of Autumn Rose and Rogue comes out on top

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