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SOPHIA 22nd-27th July 2023

The defeat is haunting through your mind? Let me get this real. You are whimpering beneath me, I am laughing while sitting on you…
You will feel different holds, chokes and locks force you to tap out.
Having a lot of fun and also mutual respect is important to me. I fight full-competitive but also step back for you.
I have several years of experience in Karate, Ju-Jutsu and one year in MMA, training BJJ and Grappling nowadays as well as 6 years experience in wrestling sessions and still I can’t get enough. I live the fight with men!
Are you ready? Contact me!
Even if I love really good fights, I am absolutely not interested in seriously hurting you, so please do not even ask for K.O. sessions.
Please let me know some facts in your first contact mail/message about your height, weight, what you want to experience with me. 
More information 
about my service on my own website:

To fix a session, simply email here.

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