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Just like 2020, this year has been tough. But if there is one jubilant, life-affirming event guaranteed to put a big smile on the faces of every wrestling fan around, it’s a Monica’s Wrestling Centre live event!

And boy was the final one of this year a phenomenal success as a group of the most talented and beautiful girls around stepped into the Ring of Pain to delight a thrilled crowd with their immense talents!

Unfortunately, a couple of ladies were unable to make it due to last minute issues but those that did make it simply ramped up the excitement and went the extra mile to make up the difference!

We had some fresh new talent, experienced favourites, English roses and exquisite Eastern Europeans - a mix which created a thrilling female wrestling cocktail!

There was the welcome returns of red hot Inferno and sexy Storm, the beautiful Bulgarian buddies Gabi and Cheetah and the utterly gorgeous and ever improving Rosie and Ivy Rain making up a tasty card of eight supreme matches.

None of them let the audience down and they certainly left everything they had between the ropes with some hard fought wrestling.

And - in what has fast become a regular favourite part of the event - the combatants took part in arm wrestles after each and every contest just to add some bonus physicality to the proceedings!

The girls were electric and the lucky audience was feeding off them to create a wonderful atmosphere and send everyone into the festive period and towards the new year with massive smiles on their faces. We cannot wait for next year!

If you were one of the unfortunate ones to miss out, then don’t panic! All the action in each and every battle was captured in these brilliant clips which are a must for your wrestling collections.


Contents: 1. Gabi vs Storm 2. Inferno vs Ivy Rain 3. Cheetah vs Storm 4. Inferno vs Rosie 5. Storm vs Ivy Rain 6. Cheetah vs Gabi 7. Rosie vs Cheetah 8. Gabi vs Inferno


Double Box DVD Running Time Approx 174 minutes