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With all the troubles going on in the wider world, one positive thing you can be sure of is Monica’s Wrestling Centre’s ability to put on memorable live events that thrill grappling fans every time.

Just as we did following Covid lockdown, we got together some magnificent fighters - ranging from complete newcomers to returning legends - who battled it out in nine pulsating matches of incredible quality.

The ladies came from the UK and Europe while the biggest welcome was saved for the incredible American Jeannie Hunter, who was back on British shores for the first time in 20 years!

The other beautiful talents displaying their incredible skills for us included Alora Lux, Bianca Blance, Eva Ray, Tamsin Riley, Lina, Galya, Miss Vox and Cheetah and all them lived up to the billing and produced another classic show that will live long in the memory.

In the cases of Tamsin Riley and Miss Vox, they were making their live show debuts - not that you could tell as they immediately looked at home and impressed greatly.

Legendary Lina and glorious Galya were making returns after a long time (way too long!) away while the rest enhanced their already glowing and growing reputations in the squared circle.

Not only did these ladies battle it out in three six minute rounds during each contest - refereed by the ever dependable Wimpy Nick. They even battled it out at the arm wrestling table - an extra treat fast becoming a post fight favourite with the wrestling fans.

The lucky audience present lapped up every second of the event and showed their appreciation from the opening bell to the very last.

If you were unlucky enough not to be there then we feel sorry for you…but we also can give you the next best thing to make up for it with these incredible clips! Download them now so you can enjoy this amazing show!


Contents: 1. Alora Lux vs Bianca Blance 2. Eva Ray vs Tamsin Riley 3. Cheetah vs Miss Vox 4. Eva Ray vs Galya 5. Lina vs Tamsin Riley 6. Alora Lux vs Jeanne Hunter 7. Miss Vox vs Lina 8. Galya vs Cheetah 9. Bianca Blance vs Jeanne Hunter


Double Box DVD Running Time Approx 194 minutes


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