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London temperatures were sent soaring higher than global warming will ever manage through Monica’s Wrestling Centre summer sizzler of an event!

Nine gorgeous, unique and supremely talented ladies brought the heat to Monica’s Ring of Pain and showed everyone exactly why they are so highly rated and adored in the scene.

They produced instant MWC live event classics in the nine matches that they battled it out in - all of which were full of drama, intensity and phenomenal, edge-of-the-seat excitement for the delighted live audience.

And there was a real global feel to this - the second MWC live event of the year - as the ladies travelled from around the globe just to take part.

We had American sweetheart Lana crossing the Atlantic for her first MWC live event and she was keen to show us what she is made of!

Lana was joined by the awesome European contingent of the formidable Warrior and Diana alongside event debutants Nina and Dolly.

Of course, the Brit pack is always well represented with Scottish lass Ashley Rider joining scene legends Shelby Beach and Axa Jay as well as the increasingly popular Axel!

There is always immense pressure on the ladies to top previous successful and memorable shows and thankfully, these ladies were more than up to the task and surpassed the hype and anticipation that preceded the show.

It was clear from the reaction of everyone present that they were gutted when it ended but this show will be talked about for years to come!

If you weren’t able to make the show yourself then you missed out on an absolute cracker. But thankfully, all the fabulous action was caught on camera and you can see them - or relive them if you were there - via this incredible DVD!



Contents: 1. Warrior Amazon vs Diana 2. Axel vs Ashley Rider 3. Dolly vs Lana Luxor 4. Shelby Beach vs Diana  5. Nina Hiss vs Ashley Rider 6. Axa Jay vs Dolly 7. Warrior Amazon vs Shelby Beach 8. Axel vs Nina Hiss 9. Axa Jay vs Lana Luxor


Double Box DVD Running Time Approx. 188 minutes


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