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Yui vs Galya

Now this truly defines the term ‘mouthwatering’ match as we see two opposites collide in the confined space of the Monica’s Wrestling Centre’s Mats of Doom Room.

Both Yui and Galya are skilled and talented and have shown off their immense talents on many occasions at the MWC.

But the difference are striking with Galya being a taller, athletic blonde and black-haired Yui being shorter but possessing the bigger muscles - a clash which certainly was exciting and intriguing for us to watch!

And as soon as they locked up, we were treated to a titanic battle of wills as they scrapped hard trying to fend off attacks and escape from painful looking situations they found themselves in.

Submissions were clearly not going to be given easily as both Yui and Galya showed their tough and stubborn sides in their search for an impressive victory.

They were giving it their all and certainly intent on leaving everything they had in the Mats of Doom room in this intense battle.

The strain of the battle is obvious from the pained expressions and the cries of agony as they work one another over and try to get into the ascendency.

We saw them exchange body scissors, head locks, grapevine pins, arm bars, ankle locks, camel clutches, head scissors and combination holds as the action hotted up the longer the contest went on.

One of the girls managed to take control and spent a lot of time on the attack but even then she was made to work hard just to lock on the holds she wanted, let alone forcing an eventual submission!

By the end, you could see the efforts coupled with the hot, confined space they were fighting in, had taken a lot out of them. And the warm hug of respect showed both Yui and Galya recognised each other’s efforts!

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