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Storm vs Eva Ray

Now, you’d have been forgiven for thinking this was a mismatch with the taller, heavier and vastly experienced Storm taking on petite relative newcomer Eva Ray. Seemingly, the only thing they had in common is their stunning good looks!

But as she has been demonstrating in her career, Eva Ray is no pushover and she certainly proved this to Storm in their Shiny Pro Ring Girls match up here!

After a testing test of strength they got down to the rough and tumble of the wrestling and Eva certainly gave as good as she got, showing Storm how much fire she has!

Each time Storm took control, Eva Ray would battle out of her predicament and then go on the counter attack in what was turning out to be an exciting, breathless back and forth contest between two very determined wrestlers!

They got each other in a variety of moves including back breakers, head scissors, head locks, arm bars, face sits, combination moves and numerous pin attempts. There was even great flexibility on show as well as acts of strength as they fought hard in search of an impressive win.

We also saw a great deal of impressive stubbornness and determination not to quit when the girls found themselves in seriously difficult and painful situations that lesser fighters would have succumbed too.

This prompted frustration as well with Storm and Eva Ray stunned at not getting the winning move (“Come on! How are you not giving to that?!”).

However, you can only stave off such threats for a certain amount of time and eventually one of these fabulous fighters can fight back no more and exhaustedly finds herself pinned to the mats for the three count!

The winner is relieved and delighted of course but also leaves with an unnecessary cheap shot on her valiant opponent!

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