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Spice Dominates Liam

Taking on one of the talented, strong and highly skilled ladies from Monica’s Wrestling Centre can be a daunting task so it’s important for men not to show any fear when they step on the mats.

Sadly, Liam doesn’t appear to have gotten that memo as he looks like a rabbit caught in the headlights before his match with gorgeous Spice has even started - something the beauty picks up on immediately!

Once she gets a whiff of that fear, Spice is on him like a shot and is soon taking down her sock-wearing victim to the ground ready to unleash the full force of her talent on his sorry butt!

Her thighs really are as powerful as they look so it’s no surprise when she is quickly wrapping them around his fragile looking waist and squeezing him to the point of a painful submission.

Liam is given no respite as he tries to recover from that early blow either as Spice is straight onto him again, demonstrating just how much she loves putting weak males who dare to challenge her in their rightful place!

He is soon trapped in a tight breast smother and his only salvation and chance to catch his breath comes when he taps out.

The scene was set and Spice seemed intent on not only punishing Liam but also having her fun as he was being made to suffer.

She used head locks, came clutches, grapevine pins, body scissors, head scissors, breast smothers and combination holds - she even dropped her shapely butt on his helpless back!

Spice never even broke sweat as she took the beleaguered Liam apart in devastating fashion from start to finish.

She certainly enjoyed her easy victory over him while he learned the hard way that this Spice is way too hot for him to handle!

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