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Sheena vs Megan Jones - Custom

The incredible sexy powerhouse that is Sheena has certainly became a sensational hit in the session wrestling scene, leaving opponents and fans in awe at her impressive skills and strength.

But one woman who certainly isn’t impressed by what she has seen is American amazon Megan Jones…and she isn’t afraid to make her feelings known either!

Megan finds Sheena on the MWC mats, flexing and posing for the cameras and she immediately starts taunting the exquisite European, pointing out her size advantage.

Sheena though is full of confidence and she is more than certain that she has the skills to take out Megan - as she has taken out many big and talented girls before.

However, a hard punch to Sheena’s stomach shows that the American is in no mood for messing around and she sets about taking her rival apart in a brutal display.

We see an array of the many moves that Megan has in her locker which leaves Sheena reeling and in sheer pain.

Sheena is made to suffer through breast smothers, schoolgirl pins, head scissors, head locks, body scissors, bear hugs as well as brutal punches.

But Megan’ celebrations are premature! Instead of being totally broken, Sheena is just merely angry and vying for immediate revenge and soon it is Megan who is left stunned and helpless.

Sheena pummels her with crushing bear hugs, body scissors, figure four locks, smothers, camel clutches, schoolgirl pins and hard punches of her own!

As a result of the beating she took earlier, Sheena seems like a woman possessed as she seeks to make Megan suffer even more than she had to earlier in the fight.

It’s a fight of two halves and a lesson in not to celebrate too early and assume victory when there is fight left in your talented opponent! An incredible must have video for your collections!

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