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Sheena Totally Destroys Russ - Rematch

If at first you don’t succeed, it’s probably best you don’t try again when what you are trying to achieve is a victory over the incredible and imposing beauty that is Sheena.

Russ was well and truly destroyed when he first met the Eastern European superstar on the MWC mats so we’re not entirely sure why he thought meeting her in the MWC Ring of Pain would yield a better result!

Not that Sheena is bothered of course. She greets him with a very cheerful “Hi again” and a laugh which hints at the pain she expects to be dishing out on hapless Russ this time around.

As usual, Sheena just sets about her task with speed and vigour as she gets to grips with her opponent and sets about taking him apart once more.

Hats off to Russ though, he tries to put up more than a little resistance and makes Sheena work hard…for about a minute! He soon finds himself flat on his back with the intimidating Sheena standing over him trying to exert her obvious authority.

Looking totally hot in her one-piece, she breaks through his defences and starts to inflict a whole load of pain on him through all the perfectly executed moves can call upon in her locker.

She gets him in schoolgirl pins, head scissors, cross body pins, grapevine pins, chokes him out against the ropes, figure four headlocks, body scissors - all of which have Russ desperately tapping out and moaning and groaning in pain.

And boy does Sheena enjoy herself. The only noise that pierces Russ’s shrieks of pain are the big laughs gorgeous Sheena lets out as she has fun beating him up.

This is yet another perfect, dominant performance by this wrestling goddess and we suspect Russ won’t be rushing back any time soon for a third instalment against her!

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