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Roxi Keogh Vanquished

Talk about baptism of fire! Gorgeous redhead Roxi Keogh is a newcomer to the MWC mats and, naturally, we all wanted to see what she has got.

But putting her up against the one woman wrecking machine that is the imposing Madame Vanquish was also just too irresistible for us and so that is what we did!

The dominatrix was clearly delighted to be given the opportunity to devour fresh meat - having worked her way through the roster of strong talented women as if they were flies being swotted away.

As is now customary, Madame Vanquish invited her smaller foe to attack first to show her what she has got and Roxi certainly wasn’t going to pass up the opportunity - running in to tackle her opponent around the waist to try to take her down.

But it was at that moment when Roxi, like so many others before her, discovered what it is like trying to take down a wrestling mountain!

It took less than a minute for screams of agony to come from Roxi’s mouth while taunts and jibes flowed from the dominant domme!

Roxi wasn't short on effort but it was to no avail as Madame Vanquish started working through her arsenal of weapons.

This included bear hugs, thigh scissors, head locks, body scissors, head scissors a variety of pins and often a combination of many of those.

Inevitably, the submissions started to flow in Madame Vanquish’s favour. That’s not to say Roxi didn’t fight back, of course. She was constantly trying to get those strong legs wrapped around her foe’s head.

But, ultimately, this had little effect on the powerful Madame Vanquish and she only dished out more punishment as the fight went on.

It came as no surprise to see Roxi laid out flat on the mats and Madame Vanquish posing over her prone body at the end!

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