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Rebel vs Beth Bennett

It’s fair to say Rebel is always ready for a fight - just ask our turnbuckles which she violently pounds before each and every one of her Shiny Pro Ring Girls encounters!

The menacing cackle she gives shortly afterwards as she eyes up her rival stood in the opposite corner of Monica’s Wrestling Centre Ring of Pain suggests she has some evil intentions planned for this match.

But Beth is more than just a pretty face and the strong curvy beauty just smiles as her opponent’s attempts at intimidation continue during her warm up.

They are both clearly relishing this one and the early exchange of a test of strength suggests it isn’t going to be a breeze for either of them.

Rebel is the first to try to seize the initiative and looks to take control after a head lock and then a take down sees Beth hit the canvas. And, when she found herself up against the turnbuckle with Rebel’s boot in her throat, Beth might have feared the worst.

But she’s as smart as she is sexy and strong and when Rebel tried to to ram her, she had her wits about her to get out of the way and see her rival plough shoulder first into the turnbuckle - giving her a welcome chance to fight back.

Throughout the contest we saw knees to the gut, ankle locks, bearhugs, monkey flips, camel clutches, leg locks, scissors stink faces and combination holds as these two tough babes battled it out hard.

Things got brutal as the action went back and forth in this pulsating classic encounter which neither Rebel or Beth wanted to lose making predicting a winner almost impossible.

By the end, there is an eventual delighted winner who makes the very reluctant loser submit after a titanic struggle. What an incredible fight!

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