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Rebekah vs Scorpio

We’ve dipped into the MWC vault and uncovered a classic gem from a few years ago between two gorgeous, skilled ladies for you to enjoy.

It’s always exciting to get women of contrasting looks and styles on the MWC mats and that’s precisely what we were treated to here when Rebekah and Scorpio faced off against one another.

English brunette beauty Rebekah was giving up four inches in height and more than 10 lbs in weight to her blondie European stunner Scorpio.

But wrestling matches are not all about size and one thing these two gorgeous girls had in common was a desire to fight and they wasted little time in getting down to it.

At first, it seemed Scorpio might dominate her rival as she used her long legs to earn an early submission before doubling her lead with a dominant pin soon after.

But Rebekah is a feisty fighter and she is not concerned in the slightest at falling behind quickly and comes roaring back at her opponent with some impressive leg power herself to make Scorpio tap out in pain too.

And that gives way to more submissions as a result of some outstanding work from both ladies as the fight hots up with each passing minute.

We see grapevine pins, more crushing leg scissors, head locks, arm bars and combinations throughout as Rebekah and Scorpio fought as hard as they could.

There was clearly a lot of respect between the two and the match was being wrestled in a great friendly spirit with plenty of smiles on faces.

But that doesn’t mask the determination and will to win of both which was evident from the very first second to the very last.

Who came out on top though? Download this excellent fight to find out!

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