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Princess Nikki dominates Dave

Quick, athletic and full of energy, Princess Nikki is clearly in the mood to put a poor and unfortunate weak man in his place on the MWC mats.

And it is the ever-willing Dave who finds himself in the firing line when he squares off against the gorgeous Eastern European.

Dave is certain that she isn’t going to dominate him as she claims she will…until she pounces on him and starts to take him apart.

Nikki gets him down to the mats and starts to inflict pain and misery on him, even counting down from three before applying a vicious grapevine pin - which Dave taps out to in a matter of seconds.

Not satisfied with that, she refuses to release him and applies two more grapevines for fun - leaving poor Dave in agony!

He tries to claim that she got lucky but he’s soon left eating those words as Nikki, flashing a huge smile across her face, just keeps on coming back with more attacks to make him squeal and moan!

Dave finds his head being crushed by her leg scissors, he’s left squirming in vicious headlocks and trapped in nasty guillotines.

The submissions flow like water and Dave offers very little attacking threat himself and instead just turns bright red and looks totally beleaguered and battered from Nikki’s attacks.

His ordeal is made all the more worse as Nikki constantly trash talks him throughout, ranging from smiley jokey comments to outright taunts.

She totally dominates Dave and leaves him flat out on the floor, completely destroyed by the end of it. To add insult to injury, during her victory pose she also makes Dave admit that he is a lifetime loser. An incredible performance from the Princess!

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