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Nairobi vs Rogue

Phew! It took us ages to get our breath back after this pulsating, action packed match between two strong beauties who just love to fight!

We knew Nairobi and Rogue wouldn’t let us down when we pitted them against one another in the Monica’s Wrestling Centre Mats of Doom Room and, boy did they well and truly exceed our expectations!

They simply went at it from the opening sessions and treated us to some intense, back and forth fighting which saw a raft of submissions amongst the sheer quality on show.

From the second they squared off, you could see both Rogue and Nairobi were well up for this and it was obvious within the first second or two that both wanted to win and secure what is an impressive victory under their belts.

The tone was set in the opening minutes when they exchanged the first submissions - one getting ahead with a body scissor only for her rival to even things up with an arm bar!

They wasted little time in between points and just kept on fighting - despite the cries of pain both emitted, it was obvious they were enjoying themselves.

Nairobi and Rogue treated us to body scissors, head locks, arm bars, schoolgirl pins, camel clutches, breast smothers, grapevine pins and combination holds which did the business for both of them.

And both fighters showed their steely determination when trapped in such holds as they didn’t submit quickly or easily and put in every effort to try to escape with tapping out being very much a last resort.

This is the sort of match you didn’t want to see end but given their dishevelled looks following a bruising battle, even warriors as fit as Nairobi and Rogue can only do battle for so long! Both showed immense respect for one another at the end!

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