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Monica vs Tilly McReese

Well, this is the very definition of a special treat for all wrestling fans around the world! Exquisite Irish fighter Tilly McReese has made a great name for herself on the mats across the pond in America.

But here she found herself up against our very own badass Monica in the tight confines of a small matted room where there was no escape for either warrior!

Monica has a wealth of experience and a size advantage over her rival but Tilly has the heart of a lion and extremely impressive grappling skills so this was always going to be an intriguing clash.

However, when Monica seemed to take control early on and started inflicting some serious pain on Tilly, it seemed like it would be a long night for the Irish beauty.

But Tilly is made of sterner stuff than that and she was soon fighting back and showing Monica that she wasn't there to make up the numbers and that she was in for a hard battle!

They both enjoyed success and earned those all important submissions - gaining them through their impressive skills which they were both proud to show off.

We saw arm bars, head scissors, guillotines, body scissors, head locks, a variety of pins, combination holds and even some dirty moves such as wedgies which, unsurprisingly, had a painful effect on the victim!

They were soon sweating and showing the impact of a tough battle as they went back and forth all over the mats trying to get the advantage over one another.

Each time it looked like one of these women was getting the advantage, the other would fight back hard and turn the tables.

Both Monica and Tilly impressed greatly in this war and it was hard to tell who would emerge victorious all the way until the very end!

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