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Monica Destroys Chicken Boy Dave - rematch

Oh Chicken Boy! Wasn’t the last beatdown you suffered at the hands of MWC boss Monica enough to put you off coming back for more?

There was Monica, minding her own business and working out in the Ring of Pain and she could easily have been left alone to her own devices.

But oh no. Not Chicken Boy Dave. He had other ideas. The brave warrior couldn’t resist sneaking up on Monica from behind and shoving her into the turnbuckle before launching a series of stomach strikes on the shocked lady.

For a glorious few moments, he must have thought he was finally going to register a huge success in the ring and he was probably already dreaming of how he would celebrate.

That was until a rather vicious but well placed knee by Monica stopped him in his tracks and sent him collapsing in a heap to the canvas!

Monica is furious and drags him up by the hair and there is only one thing in those brown eyes of hers and that was a look of murderous intent.

Chicken Boy is thrown around and made to suffer in a countless number of ways as Monica demands to know what his cowardly attack was all about.

It wasn't long before his good old fashioned “payback” was declared a spectacular failure as Monica worked him over good and proper.

He was made to suffer head locks, arm locks, chokes, body scissors, head scissors, gets shoved out the ring and even being choked by the rope!

To give him his due he has a moment of real athletic impressiveness but it doesn’t last long because Monica isn’t in the mood to allow it.

It’s sheer brutality on Monica’s part and it is no surprise that Chicken Boy is left sparked out in the middle of the ring at the end. Monica even has a terrifying warning for him as she celebrates victory.

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