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Miss Vox Controls Wimpy Ivan

The stunning Mixx Vox has proved herself to be a very talented athlete who has taken down a number of skilled fighters when she has stepped on the MWC mats.

So why a guy whose first name is Wimpy (!) felt he was going to do much better than trained wrestlers, only he will ever be able to answer.

Just by showing up, it is clear Wimpy Ivan fancies his chances and he walks with purpose ready to attack and take down Mixx Vox and silence all of us doubters who think he is on a hiding to nothing.

It takes about two seconds for him to walk into a vicious headlock by his beautiful opponent who then skilfully takes him down to the mats and gets to work on him!

Miss Vox is business like and doesn’t waste time so she is immediately pinning him and looking for an opportunity to crank up the pressure and start racking up some tap outs in her favour.

Naturally, it doesn’t take long. Wimpy Ivan soon succumbs to a truly painful looking arm bar which has him wincing in agony before he sensibly indicates that he’s had enough!

She soon doubles her score with a head lock that practically has Wimpy begging to be released from.

He tries a couple of sneak attacks but ends up walking into more brutality from Miss Vox who is clearly at the top of her game and more than happy to showcase her ability.

We see an array of pins, body scissors, more arm bars, reverse head scissors, figure four locks and combination holds.

At one stage, we almost felt a bit sorry for him as he struggled to cope with the onslaught he was being subjected to!

The end cannot come soon enough for him while Miss Vox has much to be delighted about at the end!

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