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Luna K vs Ivy Rain

Talented beauties Luna K and Ivy Rain might look all sweet and lovely on the outside but they have a brutal side to them and they love to show it whenever they step into the Ring of Pain at Monica’s Wrestling Centre.

They looked ready and well up for it - despite some brief initial pleasantries - when they squared off against one another in this Shiny Pro Ring Girls encounter and within seconds of the match getting underway, it was clear they were both going all out for victory.

Both ladies have had their successes in the past and each demonstrated exactly why as they started putting each other through the wringer with some really painful looking holds!

And to really spice things up, it seems both Ivy Rain and Luna K were prepared to use any means necessary to get the job done!

They were soon scrapping all over the canvas and the cries of agony coming from both of their mouths told us the efforts they were both putting in were not in vain.

Each time it looked like one of them was getting on top, the other would fight her way out of trouble and turn the tables on her rival.

Luna and Ivy treated us to cross body pins, body scissors, head locks, arm bars, camel clutches, head scissors, clotheslines and combination holds while there was also plenty of nasty kicks and the use of hair to gain an advantage!

And, to really shake things up in an already heated encounter, a dispute over an alleged three count prompted some harsh words being exchanged between the two as well! We love it!

Finally, after one heck of a war, one of these warriors earned herself a victory with an undisputed count and boy did she enjoy celebrating her hard work over her defeated rival!

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