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Luna K Dominates Chicken Boy Dave

Our hero Chicken Boy finds himself in an unusual position when he steps onto the Monica’s Wrestling Centre mats to take on the Welsh Wonder that is lovely Luna K in a mixed battle.

Despite being short, he finds he is actually a little bit taller than his foe here which might go some way into explaining why he is full of total confidence when he squares up to her and declares she is going to lose.

Of course, Luna K finds his bravado rather amusing and, after showing off her superior muscles to the camera, she sets about putting the perennial loser in his place!

And we have to say we’re impressed by Dave as he lasts at least three seconds before he is taken down to the mats and put in a headlock which no doubt causes him significant discomfort.

To his credit, he puts up a real battle and tries to resist but by the time his face has turned tomato red, even he realises the game is up and he must tap out!

This makes him angry - so angry in fact that he rushes straight into Luna’s head lock and body scissor combination which again has him coughing and spluttering in pain!

Luna isn’t just a pretty face and a bag of skills - she loves to trash talk along the way too and Dave has to endure more than his fair share of it as the match rages on!

But the wrestling is always paramount to the proceedings and Luna enjoys earning submissions after submission out of him throughout, making his pre-fight prediction that she would be defeated look very silly indeed!

He looks more demoralised and defeated as we approach the end of the fight and Luna is delighted to take advantage of this to put an emphatic full stop to the whole thing!

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