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Luna Destroys Gary - Rematch

We wonder if Gary took a heavy blow on his head in his first encounter with lovely Luna because instead of hiding away and licking his wounds, he is back for more!

Luna is in Monica’s Ring of Pain working out and keeping herself in tip top shape when the brave warrior comes marching in making all sorts of claims about it being his ring and how this time, things will be different!

Luna is, of course, not impressed with any of his chatter and laughs at his claims in an ego-busting dismissive way. But if it’s a rematch he wants, then it’s a rematch he gets!

Within seconds of the action getting underway, Luna has taken Gary to the canvas and is immediately on top of him, while he wails away underneath telling her how lucky she is.

Well, if that is the case, she seems to have a lot of “fortune” against him as she goes about her business of taking him apart again!

She soon reminded him of her incredible strength by making him tap out in pain through a body scissor and headlock combination.

If anything, Luna seems far more determined to make him suffer this time around and her running commentary as she inflicts a whole world of pain on him certainly backs that up.

Gary is left in agony though breast smothers, arm bars, head scissors, figure fours, body scissors, bear hugs and camel clutches.

Her trash-talking is equally brutal while Gary spends most of the “contest” screaming out in pain and having his bald head turn red from all the pressure it is put under.

By the end of it, as he is sprawled out and completely broken, Luna demands he doesn’t challenge her again in HER ring. We wonder if Gary will listen this time!

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