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Lila vs Princess Nikki

This looked being a mouthwatering, even contest before the pair of wrestlers had made their way into the Monica’s Wrestling Centre Mats of Doom Room! And as soon as beauties Lila and Princess Nikki commenced this battle, it was proved to be the case as we were most definitely treated to a thrilling fight between two similar sized, well matched opponents. They spent no time at all locking up and were soon grappling and struggling all over the confined space available in the room. The initiative swings back and forth as both Lila and Princess Nikki enjoy their moments on the attack and trap each other in a plethora of holds in this thrilling titanic tussle. Every time you think one of the women is getting the upper hand, the other comes fighting back hard to turn the tables - all of which makes for a truly entertaining fight which both seem determined to win.

We see them trap each other in head locks, body scissors, cross body pins, arm bars, guillotines, head scissors and combination holds which clearly have the desired effect judging by the moans and groans coming from each of the two fighters! On the odd occasion you see them both caught in mutual holds which sees a battle of wills taking place to decide who will break first! And boy can these two gorgeous grapplers take punishment! Some of the predicaments they found themselves in would have broken lesser fighters but Lila and Princess Nikki are made of sterner stuff! As the match draws towards it conclusion, you can see the girls have given it all they’ve got but they still fight hard and look to secure those much sought after submissions right until the very end. Their mutual respect Lila and Princess Nikki have for each other at the end tells it’s own story!

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