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Jeanne Hunter vs Cheetah

A classic legend versus rising star in the confines of Monica’s Wrestling Centre’s Mats of Doom Room was never going to fail was it?

Experienced fan-favourite Jeanne Hunter had come over from her native America for a rematch with her old foe Monica but decided to put the talented young stars on the roster a work out too!

Beautiful Cheetah certainly falls into the category and is becoming an ever-increasing competitor on the mats with each and ever fight she notches up under her belt.

And, while she doesn’t lack confidence, there was no way Cheetah was taking her older rival here for granted and this is clear from her alert and cautious approach when the match gets under way.

They are soon jostling for position and falling to the ground battling hard with one another, trying to get the early advantage.

Jeanne is still as powerful as she has ever been and we are reminded of that by the loud moans and groans in pain that come from Cheetah whenever she is caught in one of the Hunter’s holds!

But, the veteran also gets to experience the strength and sheer will her younger rival possesses when Cheetah not only resists some of these moves but goes on the attack and makes her own mark.

There are headlocks, body scissors, arm bars, head scissors, combination holds and a hell of a lot of effort and determination from both of these warriors.

Neither is the sort who taps out easily so when they do come, you just know that they have been pushed beyond their absolute limit to reluctantly give.

It’s a feisty, tough battle all the way with one of these fighters coming out on top and plenty of respect on show between Jeanne and Cheetah at the end!

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