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Jeanne Hunter Humiliates Liam - Rematch

When the American wrestling legend Jeanne Hunter visited England recently, she got to face some of the best and toughest female wrestlers we have to offer on these shores.

We suspect she won’t have been thinking the same about some of the men who dared to step up on the mats or climb through the ropes to face her!

Take Liam as an example. The beautiful blonde had already schooled him on the mats at Monica’s Wrestling Centre so probably thought she had sent him packing.

But the brave (or foolish) lad couldn’t let her fly back across the Atlantic without getting himself a shot at revenge - interrupting Jeanne as she was minding her own business in Monica’s Ring of Pain!

Jeanne doesn’t look impressed but if it’s a rematch he wants then it’s a rematch he gets as she immediately goes into fight mode and takes him down to the canvas!

Within seconds, it’s obvious he is completely outclassed (again!) and so Jeanne does what she does best and just starts to pick him apart utilising all her superior skills and strength in the process!

Liam, to the absolute surprise of no-one, has no answer to the relentless beating being dished out to him and we’re pretty sure we could see him regretting the choices he makes in his life!

She suffers from head scissors, head locks, smothers, grapevine pins, body scissors, arm bars, camel clutches and combination holds.

Naturally, the tap outs come at a regular basis with Liam showing at least a tiny bit of common sense by not trying to be a hero when he is trapped and being punished severely!

The end can’t come soon enough for our hapless sock-wearing hero and we suspect he was the only one glad to see Jeanne get on that plane back home!

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