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Iza dominates Toto

The disappointment of not being able to come to England because of coronavirus was tough for MWC’s Bulgarian contingent. But they weren’t going to let that bring them down as they found a safe way back in their homeland to represent for us! The talented, skilled and beautiful Iza was pitched in a mixed wrestling bout against the brave Toto and she demonstrated just how tough and brilliant she really is. Toto seemed like a rabbit stuck in the headlights right from the start as Iza effortlessly took him down to the mats and started to work him over.

The strain and struggle was very real for Toto as Iza first trapped him in a nasty looking headlock before turning that into an arm bar, leaving him clearly in immense pain. She’s a busy wrestler, constantly looking for ways to do more damage and you could see her brain working overtime as she considered what other ways she could make him suffer! A head scissor which turns his face bright red soon brings about a submission. The pain continues for Toto as Iza is relentless in her pursuit for more tap outs from him and these soon follow in a number of creative ways. She makes him submit through ankle locks, head locks, chokes, arm bars, scissors, arm locks and leg locks that had her victim squirming and grimacing in sheer pain. Toto simply had no answer to his vastly superior opponent and often the smartest thing for him to do was simply to submit to her!

The pain never stops for Toto while Iza is busy enjoying herself as she goes through her arsenal of weapons to dominate him. Seeing the proud warrior celebrate over his prone body at the end of this one comes as really no surprise!

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