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Ivy Rain vs Vox

Beautiful English rose Ivy Rain is still new to the wrestling scene and feeling her way around as she looks to impress and enhance her growing reputation.

However she faces a real challenge here on the MWC mats as she faces off against the gorgeous Eastern European Vox, who is clearly chomping at the bit to get her hands on her curvy rival!

But if there is one thing we’ve learned about Ivy is she is not one to shirk a challenge and she just gets straight to it and surprises her opponent with a brilliant early attack that puts her on top and her incredible boobs right in Vox’s face!

Vox realises that Ivy Rain isn’t just here to make up the numbers and she has to dig deep to fight back and turn the tables on her foe to strike back.

Soon it looks as if Vox might dominate as she earns a couple of quick submissions using headlocks and scissors that have Ivy tapping out for mercy.

But the smile is soon wiped from Vox’s face again when the intrepid Ivy roars back and earns a submission with an incredible breast smother and grapevine pin combination!

These two just want to fight and want to dominate each other in the process and that sets us up for an outstanding contest between two tough beauties!

There are more chokes, body scissors, pins, breast smothers and not to mention a whole load of moaning and groaning in pain as they take it to each other, rolling around on the mats trying to get the much-sought after win.

The momentum switches back and forth between and leaves you on the edge of your seat watching!

By the end, there is a clear winner but both know they have been in a battle and there is serious respect between the two.

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