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Inferno vs Nikki

Putting two quick, skilled and flexible beauties in the confined space of Monica’s Wrestling Centre’s Mats of Doom Room was always going to result in fireworks and that is exactly what we got.

The immense talents of Inferno and Nikki were never going to disappoint and we were treated to an intense, hard fought and phenomenal battle which left us as breathless as the two fighters once it was over!

They wasted no time at all in getting to grips with one another at the start of this contest and the tension was palpable as they rolled around covering every inch of the small room they were fighting in.

You could see the impact both Inferno and Nikki’s moves were having on each other just by looking at the agony etched on their faces throughout the match.

And, boy could they both take some punishment too as submissions were not given lightly with pain being absorbed as best both these immense fighters could!

They are both giving it their absolute all and the fact their bodies are soon glistening with sweat tells you all you need to know about the efforts Inferno and Nikki are putting into trying to win this fight.

We see body scissors, head locks, arm locks, head scissors, schoolgirl pins, cross body pins, grapevine pins and combination holds throughout this fast-paced encounter.

The only let up in the action comes in the few seconds we get after those hard earned submissions and before the pair throw themselves back into the action!

The match is a classic back and forth encounter which leaves you on the edge of your seat wondering which one of these beauties will emerge as the victor.

They fight right up until the Referee calls time and you could see that there is great respect between Nikki and Inferno!

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