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Ina Black vs Vanquish

Oh boy! This one has been long overdue. Magnificent Madame Vanquish has been rampaging through the Monica’s Wrestling Centre roster and leaving a trail of destroyed wrestlers in her wake.

But she hadn’t met anyone like the the legendary Ina Black! People were wanting to see this and the cocky dominatrix was only too keen to tell everyone pre-match that ‘someone was going to get Vanquished.

Ina tells us she is not one for words but said enough to warn her formidable foe that she meant business as they went to battle in the Ring of Pain!

There was a respectful pre-fight handshake but you could cut the tension with a knife and it was obvious in the tentative early exchanges that this was going to be a war like no other.

Both Vanquish and Ina are used to dominating and destroying anyone who comes in their way but it didn’t seem as if they’d get their way in this one!

They were soon battling all over the canvas - the immovable object v the irresistible force - and it was clear to each of them that the other was very powerful and very up for this fight!

Ina might have had the size advantage but that didn’t seem to bother Vanquish in the slightest and both managed to apply some punishing holds - only for the other to power out.

It was exciting, enthralling and edge-of-the-seat stuff with both Ina and Vanquish giving it everything - as well as deploying some underhand tactics in search of victory.

You’ll never see either of these two legends suffer like they do here. It’s one hell of a fight with the eventual loser left in denial as the other celebrates! An absolute must have!

But did Vanquish get her most impressive scalp ever or did Ina put an end to the destruction? Download this must have to find out!

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