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Ina Black vs Alora Lux

Gorgeous Alora Lux isn’t short of confidence and she has plenty of skills to back that up whenever she steps into Monica’s Wrestling Centre to do battle.

But even she must have been apprehensive when she found the legendary Ina Black standing opposite her across the mats ahead of this interesting clash.

As ever, beautiful Ina was ready to put her incredible skills and power to use right from the very start as she grabbed Alora and took her down to the ground, trapping her in a cross body pin before converting that into a nasty looking arm bar to get the first submission.

No matter how many matches she takes part in, Ina never loses that insatiable desire to put a young pretender in her place and she was at it again here, making Alora suffer while trapped in grapevine pins and body scissors.

Alora isn’t just a pretty face and the brave fighter did her best to resist and try to fight out of holds no matter how tough they might have been.

But once Ina has the initiative and is in the dominant position, she isn’t the sort of fighter to let it go easily and her size and experience advantage was really evident throughout this match.

And it’s not just the physical side of tings which take their toll on her victims. Ina is so adept at the trash talk and taunting while she takes her opponents apart!

Alora was caught in head locks, arm bars, body scissors, camel clutches, breast smothers, figure four locks and combination holds which all left her reeling, much to the delight of Ina!

No one can ever doubt Alora’s guts and heart and her desire to take on all comers is to be applauded. But Ina was one battle way too far for her, much to her frustration at the end!

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