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Ina Black squashes Ivy Rain

It’s impossible not to admire the sheer confidence that the beautiful Ivy Rain possesses every times she steps on to the mats at Monica’s Wrestling Centre.

Despite the huge challenge she faced against the legendary Ina Black, Ivy strutted around like a preening peacock and even told her incredible opponent that she was there to take her down.

Her ego was immediately shattered, however, when Ina revealed she didn’t know who she was and what she was doing there!

Ivy, stung by such a dismissive taunt, jumped on to Ina and wrapped her legs around her torso to squeeze them and get herself an early advantage…only to find her scissors had no impact and instead enabled Ina to take her down and put her in the tightest of tight spots!

“This isn't how it was supposed to go!” wailed Ivy and this was simply met with devilish Ina laughing and giving her vicious verbals back in return.

Sometimes, it’s more worrying for Ina’s opponents to see her laughing and mocking them as you know she is just laying the trap which they inevitably fall in - especially when she invites her smaller foes to ‘show what they have got’.

Ivy found herself being woman-handled, slammed to the mats, caught in school girl pins, had her head crushed between those powerful biceps, her torso squeezed by those incredible legs and her face smothered by those huge breasts!

And the trash talking delivered the added insult to injury as Ina constantly delivered the verbal onslaught alongside the physical one.

Contrary to her early boast, Ivy was unable to lay a finger on Ina, let alone take her down, and she suffered pretty much from start to finish at the hands of the relentless Bulgarian.

A devastated Ivy is left flat out while Ina celebrates over her prone body!

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