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Gabriella vs Autumn Rose

There are some Shiny Pro Ring Girls matches which promise fireworks long before the two combatants have even entered the ring and this one certainly fits that bill!

Both beauties Autumn Rose and Gabriella are full of confidence and determined to win - something which is abundantly clear as the pair warm up in Monica’s Wrestling Centre’s Ring of Pain prior to their fight!

They waste little time in getting to grips with each other and both are soon looking to impose themselves and show the other that they mean business and are there for one thing only - a stunning victory.

Gabriella and Autumn Rose know the tricks or the trade and are not shy about putting each other in what look like very painful and very uncomfortable holds as they go in search of the all important ‘one two three’ count for the win.

They both are very adept at the verbal side of things too and the trash talk and taunts are never far away as they adopt hold after hold.

The increasingly tense battle sees body scissors, arm bars, bear hugs, head locks, leg locks, kicks to the back, kicks between the legs, camel clutches and combination holds as Autumn Rose and Gabriella go all out in this war!

You can tell the moves are having a serious impact too judging by the wails of agony coming from both throughout this match.

The initiative swings one way and then the other and whenever it looks like one of these warriors is in control, the other turns the tables and gets on top - which is always something we enjoy seeing!

As usual though, one of them did emerge victorious and she achieved it in brutal style - both physically and with the verbal taunt as she enjoyed her hard earned win!

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