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Gabi vs Kilo - rematch

“Ready to get beaten up? I’ve come for my revenge!” Oh Kilo. If at first you don’t succeed or fail as badly as you did when you first met Gabi, then don’t try again!

For some inexplicable reason, the warrior interrupts Gabi as she works out in the Monica’s Wrestling Centre Ring of Pain to challenge the beautiful Bulgarian to another match!

Naturally, Gabi is more than happy to indulge him as she has proven time and time again - she is in her most natural element when she is kicking the ass of a puny rival.

And sure enough, she immediately goes to work on destroying him by dragging him down to the canvas and putting him through his paces to see if he really can get the “revenge” he so clearly craves.

It takes less than a couple of seconds to convince us that he won’t be getting his revenge as a head scissor makes him tap so soon after the contest had gotten under way!

Gabi doesn’t let up either. A schoolgirl pin soon gives her more success in the tap out stakes as Kilo looks up at her helplessly and rather pathetically!

The sight of Kilo’s face contorted in pain as Gabi attacks him relentlessly is a theme of the contest as he is unable to take the pressure and sheer brunt of her attacks.

She traps him in guillotines, arm bars, body scissors, head scissors, camel clutches, cross body pins and combination holds which leave him with no choice but to submit. The sound of him tapping is constant!

It’s a complete humiliation for Kilo whose mission to get even should never have been launched in the first place while Gabi has a fun time at his expense and completely destroys him!

She certainly enjoys her emphatic victory over his broken and battered body at the end!

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