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Foxie Humiliates Liam

For a big lad, Liam often finds himself getting chopped down and dominated by talented women on the Monica’s Wrestling Centre mats!

Foxie is the latest to take on the sock-wearing warrior and she seems determined to go the way many other girls have gone and put him through the mincer on the MWC mats!

She wastes no time in attacking, trapping him in a crushing headlock and getting him down to the ground where she can really go to work and make Liam realise who completely out of his depth he is against her!

Sure enough, he is soon struggling as Foxie gets her strong legs to work as she started crushing Liam’s torso. And most men would consider it a treat to be smothered by Foxie’s breasts but, judging by his muffled groans, we suspect he was struggling!

His small height advantage does nothing for him as Foxie is like a wrestler possessed constantly leaping on him going through her arsenal of moves, barely pausing between points.

She gets him with head locks, head scissors, body scissors, smothers, leg locks, grapevine pins, cross body pins and combination holds which have Liam in trouble and desperate for the chance to escape.

She’s also very skilled at taunting him, sometimes whispering menacing words in his ear so he knows what is going to happen to him!

Liam does his best to resist and fight out of holds but Foxie is just too skilled and too strong for him and she is happy collecting tap outs along the way.

It’s a brutal beatdown from start to finish and Liam is subjected to some serious punishment at the hands of fabulous Foxie, who is determined and ruthless from start to finish.

It comes as no surprise that it is Liam laid out flat and defeated as Foxie victory poses over him at the end!

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