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Denise vs Alora Lux

Alora Lux is as confident as she is beautiful and this has only grown as she builds up her experience as a member of Monica’s Wrestling Centre.

She doesn’t even seem phased when she finds herself face to face with the sexy muscle goddess herself, Denise, on the MWC mats. Bravery and confidence are definitely good traits!

However, trying to outfight a powerful and talented wrestler such as Denise is much easier said than done and it is clear that the blonde is going to use her strength advantage at every given opportunity.

An early headlock demonstrates this perfectly and you can see the strain and pain that Alora is feeling as she is trapped in those powerful arms.

But Alora is a real fighter and certainly not the type to give in easily and she gamely fights her way out of it to show Denise she is there to win and not just make up the numbers!

And it is Alora who scores first when she once again battles out of a perilous position to lock on her body scissors and makes a shocked Denise to tap out!

An outstanding effort but one which only acts like a red rag to a bull as Denise comes firing out the blocks to even things up with a body scissor of her own! Game well and truly on!

We are treated to more body scissors, grapevine pins, breast smothers, bear hugs, cross body pins, head locks and combination holds.

It’s a tough battle and both ladies give it all they have but one of these talents soon pulls ahead and begins to dominate the other, earning some excellent submissions.

In the end she is a clear and emphatic winner and she certainly enjoys the taste of victory in her pose at the end!

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