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Denise destroys Chicken Boy Dave

We’ve raised our eyebrows and laughed at all the challenges our “hero” Chicken Boy Dave has made to the MWC girls far stronger and skilled than he’ll ever be.

But we must admit, we laughed especially loud when he decided to face off against the magnificent Muscle Worship Girl Denise, on her first visit to Monica’s venue!

Denise has a shape that couldn’t be sculpted better even if it was done as a CGI and she has the talent and power to back that up - something Chicken Boy discovered within seconds.

She grabbed her unsuspecting victim in a headlock before taking him down and taunting him as he cried and wailed about her “cheating”.

She makes him submit when she is only at 5 per cent of her full capacity and she isn’t pleased - ramping up the pressure even more just so he is aware who he is messing with!

His ordeal is made even more traumatic as Denise gives a running commentary on what she is about to do, safe in the knowledge that puny little Chicken Boy can do absolutely nothing about it!

And boy is the blonde bombshell having fun with her new toy! She makes him suffer physically and emotionally and it is a joy to watch - well for us anyway. Not sure Chicken Boy would agree!

Denise traps him in school girl pins, face sits, head scissors, body scissors, head locks and many different combinations that leave Chicken Boy wondering if he’ll live to lose another match!

His face is tomato red from all the pressure he is put under and he looks as dishevelled and destroyed as you’d expect a weakling to look!

Chicken Boy’s brutal ordeal is finally over when Denise emphatically puts him out. What an exciting amazon she is!

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