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Cheetah vs Spice

Cheetah has, without doubt, been one of the rising MWC stars in recent times and her incredible progress has been a real joy to watch.

But the beauty was being given one hell of a challenge here when the gorgeous fighter Spice made a long-awaited return to Monica’s Wrestling Centre.

Both ladies have the skills and strength but would Spice’s experience and size advantage or Cheetah’s increasing confidence and enthusiasm win the day?

The only way to find out was to put them in Mats of Doom Room, where there is no escape, and leave them to fight it out.

And if Cheetah was under any illusion about the challenge that presented itself in front of her, this was shattered when Spice attacked from the off and tried to exert her dominance over the blonde.

She gave Cheetah a taste of her powerful legs in a scissor and her immense body strength which put Spice well and truly on top of her hapless opponent who could only squirm and scream.

It seemed as if Cheetah was going to get steam rolled by the Spice express but she dug deep and instead demonstrated just how strong her own legs are by wrapping them around Spice’s torso and making her scream in agony!

They started exchanging submissions and time on top of each other with an array of holds including breast smothers, ankle locks, pins, more scissors and arm bars.

Cheetah and Spice were covered in sweat as they gave it their all while the tension and taunting started seeping through at times during the contest.

By the conclusion of the fight, there was a definitive winner - much to the frustration of her rival, who had to endure the gloating and celebration of the other! A fantastic battle!

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